Thursday, January 04, 2018

2018 NFL Playoff Bracket

Since I'm all about predictions (although admittedly, most of them are doomsday apocalyptic versions of Armageddon), I thought I'd fill out an NFL playoff bracket.  Replete with scores, commentary, jinsight and joughts.  That's Jewish for insight and thoughts.

Let's kick things off with the wildcard weekend.

Titans at Chiefs (-9), Over/Under 44

Gotta go with Andy Reid and the Chiefs at Arrowhead.  Home field advantage is big.  This 4:30 pm start will be cold and loud.  KC is finishing the season on a winning note, as opposed to the Titans, basically sneaking into the playoffs by default.  They just have more offensive weapons and defensive play makers.    

Chiefs 21
Titans 10

Falcons at Rams (-5), Over/Under 48.5

Looks like a shoot-out is in store.  Rams have looked strong at home in the half-empty Rose Bowl.  I suspect the bandwagon fans will venture to Pasadena in droves.  But most of these fans don't really care about the team.  They just want to be part of something, like porn stars, trying to make it big in the movie industry.  I think the Rams and their innocent head coach Sean McVay have had a good run.  But I also think they're one and done.  And kicking problems are never a good thing in the playoffs.  Falcons on the road in a heartbreaker.

Falcons 30
Rams 27

Bills at Jaguars (-7.5), Over/Under 39.5

The Bills backed their asses up... into the 6th wildcard seed.  In a way, they're the anal envy of the butt-implanted trophy wives of Orchard Park, and to a lesser extent Erie, Pennsylvania.  Will the injured, all purpose 50/50 Shady McCoy suit up for the game.  Of course he will.  If for no other reason, but to play the role of a bench decoy.  All the pressure's on Jax.  I expect Buffalo to keep it close in a grueling defensive struggle.

Jaguars 16
Bills 10

Panthers at Saints (-5.5), Over/Under 48

Ahh... the Drew Brees vs. Cam Newton show.  Since owner Jerry Richardson stepped down, the Panthers are literally a one man show.  That might work in Charlotte, but not in N'Awlins.  I think Brees lights it up in the dome.  Saints spread the ball around well and have too much offensive firepower.  The greater the number of points, the greater amount of drunken crowd noise.   

Saints 34
Panthers 21

So.... onto the divisional round and the predictive spreads.  All the home teams would be favored.

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles (-6)

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots (-8)

Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers (-8)

New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings (-2)

My predictions

Eagles 24
Falcons 23

Chiefs 21
Patriots 16

Steelers 27
Jaguars 13

Saints 26
Vikings 23

AFC Championship

Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers  (-6)

Steelers 34
Chiefs 21

NFC Championship

New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5)

Eagles 17
Saints 23

Super Bowl 52

Steelers 34
Saints 28

So... the major story lines. 

Belichick gets smoked in the divisional round.  If the Chiefs can get a couple turnovers and control the clock, I think this upset is very much in play.  The Patriots, aside from Brady and Gronk, just really don't have the talent anymore.  They have the requisite coaching, but the players on the field have the final say.

Drew Brees defies the critics and picks up a big, outdoor win in the cold of Lincoln Financial Field.  Remember, the kid used to play for Purdue. 

Everyone will be yapping about the potential for a turnpike Super Bowl.  But Sean Payton spoils the party.  And finally... it's the battle of the black and golds.  Roethlisberger gets the win, praises the lord and opts for retirement.  Antonio Brown the MVP.  And JuJu forms a  alliance with JewJew.