Monday, February 13, 2006

Steelers game #10

Another regular season playoff game - this one against the Lions. Win and we're in. As if my Detroit relatives weren't a sufficient reason to loathe the Lions. We picked up this couple off the Mt. Nebo exit. They seemed pleasant. The guy was cool and his girlfriend was mildly appealing, but looks can be deceiving. I had no clue what would transpire 4 hours later. She insisted I try some of her homeade quiche, and I must admit, it was the best quiche I'd had all day.
My earlier prognostications led me to believe it would be an easy ticket. Big mistake. I didn't anticipate the level of interest in the final Jerome Bettis game. The weather was unusually pleasant as well. Plus, most people were in for the holidays. I looked all over the place but to no avail. Then I decided to try the remainder of incoming cars on the Gold Lot. Still no luck. That game had just started and I figured I'd give it a little more time. Worst case scenario - hit a bar or watch it in the limo. Then, this middle aged man and his daughter overheard me asking for a ticket. He offered me his sinlge for cost - 55. I couldn't believe it. Apparently, he was unable to find a ticket for his daughter so they decided to get rid of their single. I hastily gave him 60 and he insisted on giving me a five back. I thanked him several times and told the girl she was lucky to have such a cool father.
I bolted into the stadium. Missed the opening score by Randle El but no big deal - I had made it in to every regular season home game. Mission accomplished - and we're not talkin' G.W. Bush style. Much to my surprise, the Lions came to play. They looked strong, but in the end we gave it to the Bus. He scored 3 times and they had a halftime tribute for him on the big screen. A heartwarming end to a turbulent season.
But the day was far from over. The girl we had taken up (her name was Beth) went into rare form after the game. She was simultaneously screaming, cursing, crying - basically annoying the living fuck out of everyone in the limo. Over the next few hours, I grew to really despise this cunt. We all hit a bar on the North side and things got progressively worse. I silently thoguht to myself - this girl is lucky she's not physically repugnant or she'd been killed off long ago. Eventually, after an agonizing trip back to his vehicle, we managed to get rid of them. Thank God Pittsburgh had won. If we had lost and had to endure her bullshit, I might have lost it. In the end I told Killer, "I hope that woman gets gang raped by Al Quaeda." Fuck it - I'd be willing to make the pilgrammage to Mecca if it means no further contact with that piece of shit known simply as Beth.

Steelers 35
Lions 21

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