Monday, March 27, 2006

another poem

My father worte this one in response to mine. I've got to get back to reviewing restaurants. But in the meantime...


Here are some reasons why liberals resent
George W. Bush, our President.

In 2000 he stole the election from Gore.
Then he used “fear” to win in 2004.

When he came into office, it now seems quite plain
He had already planned to get rid of Hussein.

He gave George Tenet of the CIA this instruction,
“find evidence that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction!”

Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney concocted the evidence
To justify war in the name of national defence.

The intelligence was false, it could make your blood boil.
We invaded Iraq because we needed their oil.

Over one trillion dollars is the estimated cost,
And saddest of all, the war’s probably lost.

The war was all wrong and the entire world knew it,
But who can blame Bush when God told him to do it.

Now thousands have died and more die every day.
The insurgents plant bombs while the mullahs all pray.

The Shiites and Sunnis try to work out a plan,
But the Shiiite majority gets support from Iran.

The insurgents grow stronger, sworn to kill the invaders,
This is their holy Jihad and we’re the “crusaders”.

Before we invaded, Iraq was a secular society.
Now fanatics kill each other in the name of religious piety.

Once a beautiful country, a proud modern nation
Now lies in turmoil and horrible devestation.

Granted their leader was an inhuman despot,
But now death and destruction is all that they’ve got.

Freedom, democracy and liberty are to them only words.
They mean very little to Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

We should quickly withdraw and start making amends.
You can’t invade a country and expect to make friends.

Harold L. Saferstein

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