Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bed Bath & Beyond

Yesterday I zipped up to the Highlands and made a purchase that has transformed my very existence. I purchased the Aquascape Waterpik showerhead. It was marked down from $89 to $69. The head on this thing is massive. 5 different settings that spew forth H20 in ways that boggle the mind and alter the boundaries of imagination. I have named it "Obama." This showerhead represents a new standard and a fresh approach to the bathing process much the same way Barack Obama has injected a new perspective to the political process. I have aptly decided to name the old showerhead "Bush." It will be discarded in the near future.
I've always hated taking baths. There's something inherently unpleasant about wallowing in ones own filth. Maybe if the water could stay hot. From time to time I do embrace the Oglebay hot-tub whirlpool spa thing. Usually when my back is locked up. But I digress. Anyway, I strongly encourage anyone to check out this innovative showerhead contraption.
I also purchased a splashproof radio/cd player for 20 bucks. It's a bit on the large side but is a nice add on. My old shower radio was a piece of junk. You could barely pick up the local stations and the thing looked like something out of a McDonalds Happy Meal.
I also purchased some new ice cube trays that feature "cylinderical" style cubes. Good for inserting in a bottle of water or wine to go. Cost - 1 package of 3 trays for #3.99. Now I'll admit, that one's a rip off. Still, I find these new ice cubes exhilerating.
All in all, I highly recommend the Bed Bath & Beyond at the Highlands. The employees are genuinely friendly and helpful, but they give you an ample amount of breathing room so they're not a nuisance. I give them high marks. There's nothing worse than an overly aggressive Walmart employee who's trying to sell you on some low-end olives or canned meat. While on the topic of Walmart, there's this one guy who stocks shelves. He's a middle aged white man that sports a 1970's NBA style afro. Has anyone seen this guy? They make him wear this hair net meshing ensemble. Very unusual.
The last time I was in Walmart I happened to strike up a conversation with a woman in front of me. She explained how she had just relocated from West Palm Beach. We discussed the "change of pace" and some of the differences she would inevitably encounter. As I was leaving, she was speaking very graphically about why she came to walmart to buy some new scrubs. She loudly used the following terms with the cashier - urine, blood and fecal matter. Apparently, this nurse wanted everyone at the check-out to hear her words. In the parking lot, a younger woman she was with (I think it was her sister) saw me loading up my car and proclaimed, "Hey, she's single!" I responded, "Thanks, I'm good."

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Meredith said...

I have never actually encountered an aggressive Walmart worker trying to get me to buy something. They are usually reluctant to even help. As for the afro guy, yes I have seem him! The first time was around Halloween. At least I think it was because I kept thinking, "Oh, he is in costume."
Now I have to try not to giggle when I see him.