Thursday, June 17, 2010

crushing Palin

Here's a simple, decisive way to marginalize the indomitable Sarah Palin. Get a group of 15-20 committed individuals who despise the ex-Governor. A liberal college campus or major university would be the most likely source. Just post ads in the cafeteria or you could even use Craigslist.

The next time Sarah shows up to give a campaign endorsement or a public speech, have your group assembled and ready to roll. When she begins yapping about energy policy during the speech, send out a mass text - "NOW." All at once, everyone will start yelling "DRILL BABY DRILL" in unison. Keep the chant going for as long as humanly possible. The group will be spread out throughout the auditorium or venue, so it will be unusually difficult and time consuming to round up the perpetrators. As long as the BP oil spill is in the news, this will work. I suspect her political consultants think something like this might happen. This is why she has curtailed public appearances. Has anyone noticed the recent disappearance of Dick Cheney as well? Trust me. They're still out there lurking, biding their time.

My point - once people see this played out on MSNBC and youtube, others will inevitably follow suit at future events. It's the incredible simplicity of this stunt which reveals its sheer beauty. No arrests, no fines, no money spent - just a loud voice and a minimal investment of time will result in her being totally marginalized. Her handlers won't allow her to go on political circuit for fear of a repeat occurrence. She'll have to stick with private fundraisers and carefully scripted photo ops. This doesn't mesh well with her phony "I'm just the girl next door, Suzy homemaker" line of bullshit.

I was thinking about the only people who really love the BP fiasco. They're a relatively small cabal - the Toyota Board of Directors! Ohhh, what a feeling!

I'm very interested in the upcoming political races in California. Ebay CEO Meg Whitman has spent over 100 million already in attempt to dethrone Senator Barbara Boxer. And ex Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorini will also be spending a fortune to snag the Guv-uh-nator's position. Both of these candidates are RIPE for a political systempunkt. The simpler, the better. It could be something like a little girl asking one of them "why would you spend so much money on yourself, when my daddy is out of work." Or how about this one from a 7 year old, "Has anyone on ebay ever sold child pornography?" Ka-Boom! That's the deafening sound of silence in the war room. Or for Fiorini, another young child posing the question, "When you were running the company it didn't run so good. What makes you think you'll do a good job running California?" These are the blips that would be replayed ad nauseum on the 24 hour news cycle. Think of it. All those hundreds of millions down the drain. Just because some innocent kid (a total plant) decided to stand up and ask a question. And just be sure you have the phony, cutesy question prepared in advance for the screeners - a good one would be, "From one female politician to another, what advice can you give me for becoming class president." It's just an old fashioned bait and switch - a marketing gimmick that will always stand the test of time.

If you recall, I developed a detailed scenario to destroy McCain or Palin at one of those town hall meetings during the '08 campaign. Thank god it wasn't necessary. Still, I can dream, can't I?


Larry said...

Nice plan. I'm not sexist, but I just find female politicians to be very insincere and condescending. I'm starting to wonder what it is about Sarah Palin that is appealing to people anymore.

Anonymous said...

Here is why about 10-15% of the population absolutely love Sarah Palin and will always give her their unwavering support and allegiance.

A. She waves the flag and does the "true American" routine. This currently works well for the pick-up truck/Jambo anti-elitism crowd.

B. She is virulently pro-life. For many people this is the ultimate hot-button issue which defines their existence. Think in bumper sticker terms.

C. She is anti-gay.

D. Although she doesn't have a PhD in economics (more likely she got a "C" in basic algebra, she tows the Republican line w/ smaller government and always lowering taxes.

E. She jumped on the anti-immigration bandwagon.

F. And don't forget the MILF factor with the sexually repressed, aging white male Republican base.

Almost all these items are "emotionally charged" issues w/ the exception of D. They don't require much deep thinking, just gut feelings. My point - she'll always get a free pass regardless of the imbecilic commentary. If you truly identify and "love" someone, you'll always cut them slack.

When it comes to politics, there's a set percentage of people who vote with their heart and a set percentage of people who vote with their head. It's consistent with other aspects of life as well. This also explains why Palin could never be elected president (aside form the fact that she's a lamentably fictitious creation of slow-witted marketing reps - Safe Auto comes to mind). Simply stated, she'll never appeal to the other half. Her handlers are well aware of this. There's no way she'll run for president in 2012; however, she will attempt to maximize her influence in key congressional races, raise money and sell some books on the side. And to be honest, she does a pretty decent job. As long as she is aware of her limitations. I don't she is, but her advisers are undoubtedly more savvy. SAF