Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Republican debate(s)

Thoughts from this evening's Fox Business Channel debate.  I'll do each one.

Bobby Jindal: focused but desperate, grasping for straws against the lesser candidates.  "Vishnu slim-jim" appearance doesn't make for a strong bullying quotient.

Chris Christie: WTF was he talking about... how he was "going to prosecute" Hillary?  FOX is saying he won the early debate.  Christie was a hefty dose of blathering rhetoric. 

Mike Huckabee:  Great "yellin" quip from the wannabe pastor-in-chief.  Easily his best moment.

Marco Rubio:  This cat's memorization skills remind me of a zombified Palin on steroids.  I'm starting to think he might scare me the most.  That's saying something.  The most relevant, credible threat to the executive branch of the United States.

John Kasich: Stood out.  The wildcard winner of the debate.  Going after Trump on immigration was his defining moment.  Barring something bizarre, Kasich might just be the litmus test for a rational Republican presidential choice.  Although I'm pretty sure he's jockeying for the VP slot. 

Ben Carson:  disoriented, stunted by the bright lights.  Seemed hesitant and awkward.  I doubt it would impact his position in Iowa.  Probably didn't help elsewhere.

Trump: Obnoxious.  Triumphant.  Fared well enough.  Likely stayed on top.  If Trump wanted to destroy Rubio he should make an off-handed comment, "Markie, they way you memorize these lines is really freaking me out."

Jeb:  Not good.  Seems tall-oafish-dwarfish.  There's good and there's not good.  Jeb is not good.

Lindsey Graham: honorable mention.  Would have expressed vitriolic hatred toward ISIS remnants in the mountainous regions of Kurdistan.  Instead... nothing.

Pataki:  honorable mention? I do not honor him.  I do not trust him.  Ironic, because he's the only social liberal... er ehh, mainstream Republican candidate.

Ted Cruz:  Can't stand this guy.  But his debate was strong.  Presence, demeanor, resilience.... check.  A little tiresome for my taste.  Odd... because I'm a bit passionate and long-winded as well.

Carly Fiorina: likely continued her decline.  Reminded me of a female Rubio, but less mesmerizing.

Rand Paul:  Really starting to marginalize and erode his father's brand.  Not his fault.  He's just not good enough.  No room left in the GOP for fiscal isolationism.

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