Wednesday, August 17, 2016

a few more memes

This one's pretty obscure, even for Seinfeld aficionados.  But I like it.  
Not sure how Trump would fare in an anti-masturbation contest.  Not sure I'd want to find out.  Hillary too, for that matter.

The physically anonymous Steinbrenner character on Seinfeld is one of my least favorites.  I prefer Kramer's buddies, Bob Sacamano (sells Russian hats down at Battery Park) and Jay Reimenschneider (eats horse meat all the time).

We were having breakfast this morning and the following topic arose --- Does Trump know the definition of xenophobia?  The votes came in at 4-0.  Nay, Nay, Nay and Nay.

Stay tuned for more "poli-Sein" memes.  It's a fantastic term because it plays off the alliteration of "poli-sci."

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