Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mexican place in Elm Grove

I'm not sure what this restaurant is called but I have eaten there 3 times. In general, I'm not entirely sold on Mexican food. My father used to refer to it as plates of "regurgitated dogshit". He would bark out, "Everything on this menu is the same thing". There is some truth in that.
The menu at this place has a huge list of offerings. I'd say about 100 different lunch choices. And as you may have guessed, they're pretty much all identical. I opted for the Speedy Gonzales. That's one chicken taco, one beef taco and some refried beans. It was neither good nor bad. In fact, as I consumed it, I was overcome with intense feelings of neutrality. I neglected to mention that it also came with a side of white rice. I've never had a meal where the rice stood out, but this could have been the one.
All in all, I'd say this place is a poor mans Chi Chis - not exactly warranting high praise. However, it was really cheap and the service (considering we were the only ones in the place) was decent.
I don't know many Mexican people and I especially don't care for their soccer team. Their fans are unruly but have no concept of hooliganism. They're more likely to pelt the opposing team with batteries. That's pretty weak. The US team was recently beaten in Mexico City (2-1). We will face them next in Columbus, Ohio in September. I predict a convincing victory.
As for Mexican food, it should generally be avoided. Why would anyone go out of there way to eat it? It's kind of like going to a fine Italian restaurant and ordering spaghetti. Why would you dine out and eat the most simplistic thing on the menu - kind of defeats the purpose of dining out, ehh?

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