Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Walmart food

I normally try to avoid reviewing chain restaurants, but since we all shop at the big W from time to time, I thought I'd mention a few things.
First, Walmart has fantastic pistachio nuts. Since Mediterranean quisine is decent and springtime has arrived, I thought I'd mention this. These are the white pistachios so you don't get that fake red ink on your fingers. It's good to see that those red nuts have fizzled out of the mainstream. I think their reign of terror ended in the early 90's.
Next, their cranberry and ruby red fruit juices are really good. Not as concentrated as Ocean Spray, a little bit lighter and noticeably less expensive.
Their candy bar aisle has tons of minitiarized choices - all for a buck. I prefer Twix (the candy bar with the cookie crunch) as well as the all purpose Nestle Crunch and about once a year, I'll even get a 10-pack of Mounds. I suggest we write our congressman, Hersheys or whoever and try to get minitiarized Heath Bars and Skor into the marketplace. This is long overdue.
I would avoid things like canned tuna or soup - I always get the feeling that they have expired, why else would they end up in the overstocked aisle with all the off-spices like marjoram and curry.
I also highly recommend the Walmart brand cheese curls. They are way better than the more expensive Frito Lay brand.
Note: avoid Walmart brand or Sam's Club bottled water. If you plan on purchasing bottled water, these are the best choices.
1) the best - Roxane
2) Crystal Geiser
3) Ice Mountain
4) Dannon

The worst possible choices of bottled water are Dasani and Aquafina. Dasani does not even taste like water. It tastes like iron loaded with extra minerals. And everytime I see someone with a bottle of Aquafina - it seems like they're always dancing (doing the twist or the hustle). I don't care for people who dance while drinking Aquafina.


G Max said...

Have you ever noticed that 50% of the people that shop at Wal-mart are inbred? Ever wonder which 50% you fall in?

Ren said...

I refuse to shop at Walmart. I honestly don't think I've stepped in it in a year. I hate the fact we have a Sam's club card, but I try to use it for food only, it's totally hypacritical. Yes - just like the Southpark episode says, it's not just Wal-mart, it's Sams, K-mart and Target as well. I just can't stand Wal-Mart. Dude, you hate Benny Hinn but you'll shop at Wal-mart? Isn't Wal-mart stealing from people as well, if not as blatantly? Ethics, except if there's a Smiley Face marking it down. Oh wait, they've got all those happy hispanic chics working and shopping there now. In the 20 foot wide aisles with noone in a scooter wearing a "Git R Dun" t-shirt blocking it as in reality.

sonofsaf said...

Wal-mart is not that bad. Great place to buy household essentials - shampoo, aspirin, detergent, just about anything. I realize that Ren probably favors "mom and pop" stores. Heed the words of George Costanza...
"What's so great about mom and pop stroes? If my mom and pop had a store, I wouldn't shop there."
The issues I have with Benny Hinn and organized religion are entirely unrelated.

Ren said...

I thought the Hinn issue also included grifting money from people. That part, not the religion part.

Ren said...

Why don't you shop at the Dollar Stores? It would be even cheaper. Scarier lot as well.