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The new, secret, special, fun, Easter edition sonofcds are in. The excitement is contagious! It's as if I purchased some kind of Walmart Rabbit-Doll wrapped in a blanket. It's called "Bunny in a Blanket" instead of the less inspiring "kosher pigs in a schmatta." The blanket reads "Hey Meester, It's Easter!" "Bunny in a Blanket" is already a huge hit in Northern Alabama and has received strong consumer reviews in suburban Topeka.

My point is pretty obvious. Hypothetically, let's say you run into me at Rite Aid. You're in the process of checking out and purchasing the aforementioned "Bunny in a Blanket." You appear exuberant as your nipples protrude through your Wheeling Feeling Chili Cook-Off t-shirt. Again, my point. You're so excited about the neo-rabbit shit that you fail to inquire about my new compilation cds. Not cool. Here's what you'd be missing out on.

Sonofsynthetic. Sounds like a synthesizer inspired compilation which would denote mid 80's. But I tried to delve into the 70's and 90's as well. In any event, I picked out some of my favorites that were a little off the beaten path. As always, If you like any of the selections, just ask me for the entire concert.

I always liked the Ice Cube/Lil' Kim "You Can Do It, Put Your Ass Into It" song. This one's from some kind of MTV Hip-Hop Festival in Stuttgart, Germany (2008).

Good Beastie Boys bootlegs are difficult to come by. "Super Disco Breakin" was snagged from a 2007 show in Salzburg, Austria.

This version of David Bowie's "Fashion" comes from his 1997 Madison Square Garden 50th birthday show. It is hands down one of the best live bootlegs I own. He has all kinds of guest appearances (Foo Fighters, Lou Reed, The Cure, etc.). This show is sick. Whoever mixed this concert - let's just say he/she knew what the hell they were doing.

"Radio Ga Ga" is my favorite Queen song. Everyone remembers the version from Live Aid - easily the highlight of the entire 1985 concert. I got this one from the "Rock in Rio" Festival. Same year, different continent - Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

I was searching for a live version of Blondie's Rapture but couldn't find anything. "Heart of Glass" is her second set opener at the famed venue The Hammersmith Odeon in London England (1980)

Styx's "Grand Illusion" stands the test of time. They open their Chicago, Illinois concert with it in 1977. In 1977, I was 7.

One my favorite episodes of Miami Vice was the episode where Crockett and Tubbs rescue this young girl from a bunch of rednecks in the Everglades. They played "Girls With Guns" by Tommy Shaw when the guys hit the road. I honor them by occasionally taking it to the streets as well. This one's from a 1985 show in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama.

"Goodbye Stranger" is from a Supertramp show in 1983. Munich, Germany is the location. Michael Scott does a great parody of this song from an episode of The Office. Of course, he calls it "Goodbye Toby." You might remember some of his other works such as "Beers in Heaven" and "Total Eclipse of the Fart."

I included this Puddle of Mudd studio version of Psycho" because I knew this girl who loved it and she was incredibly psycho. It just seemed to fit.

"Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats is a strong tune. This one's from a 1983 BBC Live Concert. I'm surprised they had enough material to do an entire concert. If anyone can name one of their other songs I'd be surprised. Truly a one-hit wonder. Near the 1:30 minute mark, someone on stage yells "SAF."

There are absolutely zero decent bootlegs from the Yes 90125 tour. I love the song "Leave It" and this is the best I could find. The song itself takes precedence over the weak sound quality.

Hall and Oates came to Wheeling one time. I filled up my parking lot (C-12, across from the Best Western) and then filled up a few others. I'd say it was a profitable evening. This version of "Method of Modern Love" is from a show in Los Angeles (1984).

This might be my all-time favorite heavy synthesizer song. Duran Duran's "Save A Prayer" from Buenos Aires, Argentinia (2005). Argentina barely made it in South America World Cup qualifying, but I have a feeling they'll make it to the final this year. Lots of talent. Watch for them this summer.

One of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song is the heartfelt "Thirty Three" - this one's from a radio broadcast in 1997 - Vancouver's General Motors Place. I love the Smashing Pumpkins. If only the singer didn't have such a tinny, irritating voice. I met their lead guitarist James Iha at a 1991 Dead show at Soldiers Field, but that's another story.

I chose to close out sonofsynthetic with the venerable Sir Paul McCartney playing "Strawberry Fields" at Knebworth, England in 1990. It segues into a brief "Give Peace A Chance." It makes me wonder if the U.S. will invade and occupy another country. Call me naive but I think we may be done with the "go to war and nation build" phase of the U.S. empire. Then again, perhaps not.

sonofSTFU? That means SHUT THE FUCK UP? This one is a tribute to all those people who post music on facebook and myspace. It reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite philosophers...
"They want to rock but they don't know how" - Steve Narick (1994).

"For Those About To Rock" is my all-time favorite AC/DC song. It's always a closer, so let's make it an opener. This one's from Phoenix, AZ (2000). It's incredibly unlikely that my parents attended this concert. I like the rawness of Brian Johnson's voice. I don't think he'd make the cut on American Idol.

Remember the live video for "Parental Guidance" from Judas Priest's Turbo 1987 tour? I'm glad I lived through the 1980's metal phase. There will never be anything like it.

I had to throw in another Priest tune so I went with the often forgotten metal anthem "Heavy Duty." This one is from the an Albuquerque, New Mexico show in 1984. I never realized Rob Halford was gay. It dawned on me about 10 years later. I was just as naive as the kid in the Steel Phantom movie.

Here's another West coast (Los Angeles) song from 1984. Quiet Riot's "Metal Health" is a bit annoying but I watched "The Wrestler" and I liked his intro music. I wonder if Kevin Dubrow has finally accepted his predisposition toward male-pattern baldness. I hope he has.

Believe it or not, this version of "He Said She Said" is from 2009. It's a Limp Bizkit reunion show at Donington, England.

How about some Marilyn Manson? Way too many killer songs to choose from, but I went with "Use Your Fist, Not Your Mouth." It's from an outdoor festival in Madrid, Spain (2003).

In my mind, there's only one true METAL band and it's Metallica. If you believe that, you're fucking lame. The correct answer is Slayer. In fact, I can hear the distant cries of Ken Dague from Tasmania, "PLAY SOME SLAYER YOU FUCKING PUSSIES!" In his honor, I give you "Silent Scream" from 1992.

Speaking of Ken, he also enjoyed the commentary of Chuck Billy - lead singer of the band Testament. "Get those beers up!" So how about the classic "Into The Pit" from Dynamo Festival (2000).

There is a forgotten metal/thrash band called Vio-Lence. I partied with these guys a couple of times. I assure you - everything they wrote was full throttle. This is probably their most famous song - "Eternal Nightmare."

I never cared much for Anthrax. But I always liked the song "Only." This version is a little soundboardish, but I like the sound of the double-kick bass drum or whatever you musicians call that. This version is from Santiago, Chile in 1998.

Blackie Lawless is still going strong. The WASP frontman is a looking a bit haggard, so here he is in his prime singing "Wanna Be Somebody." 1996 - Tokyo, Japan.

Gotta love Iron Maiden's classic "Run To The Hills" - This version is from Buenos Aires, Argentina from the Somewhere Back on Tour tour. Up the Irons irons.

London, England is the location for this 1984 rendition of "We Rock" by Ronnie James Dio. I can't think of any other rock stars that use their middle names.

Finally, I closed it out with Radiohead's "Creep." I'm not a big fan of this song but I know everyone else likes it and they rarely play it live.

As is always the case, if you like a particular song and want a copy of the entire concert, just gimme a ring. This whole sonofwhatever thing is about promoting LIVE music, not the never-ending refrain of studio versions of Sussudio. Anyone can throw together a mix cd of prerecorded music that dulls the senses. Let's keep it LIVE. It will give you a reason to LIVE.


Larry said...

You do know Kevin Dubrow died about 2 or 3 years ago, right? Cocaine overdose. The last time I saw him, which was at show in Bridgeville a few years ago, he was absolutely wearing a hairpiece.

Anonymous said...

I was unaware of the tragic death of Kevin Dubrow. What a blow!