Wednesday, January 05, 2011

my playoff bracket

Just in case I win my own playoff pool, I thought it would be wise to post my picks.

Wildcard round

Ravens over Chiefs
Colts over Jets
Saints over Seahawks
Eagles over Packers

Divisional Round

Patriots over Ravens
Steelers over Colts
Falcons over Saints
Eagles over Bears

AFC/NFC Championship

Steelers over Patriots
Falcons over Eagles


Steelers over Falcons (of course)
Tiebreaker - 44

Had to go with the home team. Playoffs are wide open on both sides. I like the fact that the Pats will likely play the Ravens or the Jets - the only 2 teams that can beat them at Gillette Stadium, or I'm hoping - soften them up.
At the beginning of the year, I thought it would be Steelers vs. Packers. But I like the idea of the Superbowl being a rematch of the season opener that we won in OT (15-9). Seems almost like destiny.

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