Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy: Belichick's Ass

Normally, I don't blather on and on about my free ticket/sign endeavors. With one major exception - the sign I took to the Elton John concert...


I'll just let that one speak for itself.  On the heels of the big game today (Steelers/Patriots), I'm taking it in a different direction.  Last night, I went out for the early portion of Halloween.  My costume didn't take much planning.  Just the regular faded jeans and long sleeve t-shirt.  For the prop, the best motto is "keep it simple, stupid."  So naturally, the sign would read... 


Hey, it was Halloween.  So the notion of occupying Bill Belichick's Ass was merely a small step in the evolutionary progression.  We'll see how it works.  I have grander ass-pirations for this one.  The last time I used a sign for the Titans game at Heinz Field, a man walked by.  He glanced in my direction and casually said two words - "Drink Piss."  Needless to say, my reaction was one of pure giddiness.   
Honestly, I think the Steelers are going to have some trouble in the late game.  Aside from the fact, that everyone's injured, I just don't like having to play Belichick off a bye week.  These are the type of games he wins.  Plus, he already lost that shootout on the road in Buffalo a few weeks ago.  

Here's my 4-banger wager of the week.  All 4 are upsets of course.

INDIANAPOLIS (+9.5) at Tennessee
(yeah, I know.  Indy was obliterated by the Saints last week 62-7.  But they always play Tennessee tough.  Spread seems very high.  And Tennessee is looking really erratic.  Colts gotta win at some point, even without Peyton Manning).

Cincinnati at SEATTLE (+3)
rookie qb heading into Qwest Field???  It's way too loud.  Seahwaks are tough at home.  Remember, they were a divisional playoff team last year.

San Diego at KANAS CITY (+3)
Chiefs aren't getting a lot of respect.  I think they'll step up in their prime-time Monday night game at Arrowhead.  Chargers coming off an emotional road loss to the Jets.  Norv Turner... that guy.  That's just not my kind of guy (Frank Costanza).

Detroit at DENVER (+2.5)
Everyone is jumping on the Lions bandwagon.  Let me tell you one universal truth.  The Lions have always sucked on the road.  I suspect they'll lose a close one in the altitude.

Anyhoo, take all 4 upsets.  It pays $10 to win $488.00.  I hate to say it, but if I had to place a bet on the game today, I'd take the Patriots (-3).  But I stopped betting on football years ago.  The more thrilling question...  will the sign yield a freebie?  I believe it will.  The bigger the game, the more I step up "my game."  I say two words - "Game On."  However, it's difficult to top "drink piss."


Anonymous said...

Well, what happened?

sonofsaf said...

Excellent question from (Alcoholics) Anonymous. Indeed, we got 2 freebies. My sign got RAVE reviews. Lots of people took pictures. One ticket was from this dude from Saskatchewan who was visiting Heinz Field for the first time.

Tickets were surprisingly plentiful considering the magnitude of the game. I have a hunch it will be more difficult for the Ravens game on Sunday night. I think I'm skipping it and staying in Wheeling.

My upset parlay came up empty. Chiefs won on MNF though.