Thursday, November 17, 2011

3-team parlay

As I've stated, I don't gamble on pro football anymore.  But I do like this 3-teamer for Sunday.  And it pays out bigtime...

$20 to win $2027.50

I like 1 home team and 2 road.  All must win outright.  Denver (tonight) over the Jets.  Tampa over Green Bay (the big upset) and Arizona over San Francisco.

Denver (+6.5) over NY Jets:  Jets coming off an emotional loss at home to New England.  Then, they've got to travel to Denver on the short week, and after a night game to top it off.  And there's the altitude.  Coach Ryan's to busy telling fans to "fuck off" - you need a little more professionalism in the NFL.  Eventually, that stuff comes back to haunt your team.  Tebow is probably looking forward to the national broadcast and a chance to indoctrinate some viewers who wish to "see the light."  I think Denver squeaks out a close one.  Definitely low-scoring.  

Denver - 13
NY Jets - 10

Tampa Bay (+14) over Green Bay:  I know...  I know....  Betting against Aaron Rogers at home?  Are you nuts?  Well, not really.  I don't think any team goes undefeated.  And Green Bay has a short week after the Monday night trouncing of Minnesota.  Everyone's gotta lose sooner or later.  This would be logically be the one.  Tampa and Josh Freeman usually keep things close.  This used to be a big rivalry and Tampa needs it to stay alive.  This is the Buccaneers' Superbowl.  I think Tampa shocks them late in a shoot-out.

Tampa 31
Green Bay 28

and finally... I kind of like Arizona over San Francisco.  San Fran has been winning a lot of close, emotional games.  They've got energy and talent but the spread is +9.5.  That seems unusually high for an NFC West intra-division game.  The spread's high because San Fran is 8-1.  Does anyone really think the 49ers will end up 14-2?  I don't.  Arizona has looked tough on the road - come from behind wins in Philly and a tight game in Baltimore.  Both were tough, early East coast games.  I think the Cardinals slip one by.  Just an aside, have you seen the model of the new stadium in San Fran - it's completely bad ass.  I imagine it will have all the amenities (even a gay porn shop).

Arizona - 23
San Fransisco - 21

The only reason I'm posting this is because of the enormous pay-out.  Just over 100-1.  That's pretty good for only 3 results.

Tonight I will revisit my youth and check out Anthrax, Testament and Death Angel.  Physically, I'm a little under the weather but this concert could prove interesting.  Considering it will likely be an older crowd, I'm curious to see how physical it gets.  I'll be steering clear of the pit.  I never really cared much for Anthrax, but used to be a huge Death Angel fan.  Testament as well.  PREACH.

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