Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sweet Brown will join Beyonce for the Superbowl 2013 halftime show

Oklahoma City's Sweet Brown was interviewed by the local news when she narrowly escaped a raging inferno.  What began as a 20 second interview quickly turned into a viral remix sensation.  As of right now, this thing has been viewed over 16 million times.  I'll happily admit, I've watched it several times.  It's pretty darn amusing.

Not quite sure what it is about Miss Brown.  That down-home Midwest hospitality?  Her desire to obtain a cold pop?  The manner in which she invoked a festive barbecue?  Her inclination to redundantly praise her lord and savior (JC)?  I think it's the culmination of all these things combined with her jovial disposition.

The remix is strong, although it gets a tiny bit stale after the third time.  You gotta love the subliminal (dream sequence) inclusion of Antoine Dobson who has been parodied in similar fashion.

There seems to be this fascination with regular, but slightly eccentric, individuals with larger than life personalities.  America wants to know... who's gonna be the next big thing that sprang from nothing?  We call it the "emerging from carpet" phenomenon.  It's not enough just to rise through the ranks of The Biggest Loser or one of those outlandish talent shows.  We need them to become instant superheroes.  Seriously, these days, who else is gonna raise the roof?  Mitch McConnell?  Harry Reid?  Ughhh.

So here's the deal.  I think this year's Superbowl will have a Hollywood hook.  It's simply the trajectory of the entertainment world and how producers seek to dominate the water-cooler conversation the next day.  Every year, it's the same thing.  "How we gonna top last year?  What could we try that's fresh and unprecedented?"  Well I think I've stumbled onto something.

Beyonce is the halftime entertainment.  And I doubt she'll do a repeat of the lip-synching after the Obama inauguration flap.  I've checked out some of the unusual gambling props (proposition bets) for the big game.  You can wager on what song she'll open with?  Will she be joined by iconic husband Jay Z?  Will she expose her nipple a la Janet Jackson?  etc.

Well, I have this strange hunch that the time is right for her to be joined on stage by a special, mystery guest.   And my hunch is that it will be the newest, identifiable internet sensation "Sweet Brown."  They could do a crazy-in-love duet and utilize her infamous "ain't nobody got time for that" lyrics.

Now you might be asking the question, "Saf, why would you care?"  And "aren't you slightly embarrassed to admit that you've given the Beyonce halftime show any thought whatsoever?"  Perhaps.  But I just wanted to be on the record with this one.  I think it's mostly based on the "timing" of this whole Sweet Brown thing.  Whoever made that spoof remix had really good timing.  And the quality is fantastic, but not overly technical as it might arouse suspicion.  It just seems to me that Miss Brown being thrust into the national spotlight has this grander purpose.  Maybe I've grown overly cynical.  Saf, seriously man... can't you just appreciate the unbridled joy of this woman who vented about her bronchial condition?  The answer - Well yeah... maybe 5 or 10 years ago when I was less jaded.  Nowadays, I question everything.

And for the record, I'm amazed the spread opened at San Fransisco (-4).  I honestly thought it would be a pick.  Even thought it's claimed that all the sharps in Vegas are backing San Fran, I'd take Baltimore and Ray Lewis.  They seem more like the team of destiny after the heroic Denver win and the Brady beat-down (both road games in very challenging environments).

Ravens 31
San Fransisco 27


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