Wednesday, May 22, 2013

poly-spam or polyspam

I still get a slew of emails from Barack Obama and his team.  I even get the occasional one from Mitt Romney.  Maybe it's just me, but could there be anything worse than a guy worth about a half billion asking you to make a $10 donation to the remnants of his political campaign?  Political spam is an art form in its own right.    

But lately, my sonofsaf blog has been on the receiving end of what I originally thought was "low-end" spam.  I get a lot of these annoyingly bizarre, broken-English, declarative statements.   The first time you read them, you're likely to think they're just poorly written, commercially unsound marketing blather. 

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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1:53 AM

"That will agreement an aggreable and as well as" - Seriously, a phrase like that could not have been written by accident.  It's intentionally designed to annoy and frustrate the reader.  It's specifically created to convey a sense of irritation.  Logically speaking, if I read a continued refrain of comments like that, I would generally tend to steer clear of a particular blog.

This is where it gets kind of interesting.

I'm not trying to sound paranoid or come across as an egomaniac, but if I wanted to make a blogger appear non-credible, this is a tactic I would use.  I would never engage them about content (agreeing or disagreeing) - instead, I would throw their blog to the wolves (in this case it's the "automated bot hounds.")  These comments strike me as a far worse fate than the repeated Viagra or mortgage refinance offers.    
Here's another...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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12:33 PM

Notice the strange sounding Ukrainian, Eastern bloc name or website.  And as is customary, the purposely incoherent, frustratingly crafted message.  If you click on the links, it usually takes you to where Borat hailed from (Kazakhstan) or some former subdivision of the Soviet Union.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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 Anonymous said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
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These above spam comments are all taken from my most recent entry about Bengazi.
Every statement is this annoying gibberish designed to steal or divert your attention away from engaging in a meaningful comment section.  Once again, these messages have no legitimate commercial value. 

Here's my point - if the United States government had a problem with someone expressing his/her First Amendment rights in the content of a blog, I strongly suspect they would sign you up for a hefty dose of this new brand of spam.  I've even given it a name - "poly-spam."

Go Pens - Game 4 tonight.  

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