Monday, December 09, 2013

2014 World Cup predictions cont.

Please keep in mind.  All this is months away and totally speculative.  But that's what i like to do... that's what I'm all about... right?  Predicting the future.

Round of 16

Brazil vs. Chile - (3-1) Chile puts up a fight, but Brazil runs away with it in the second half.
Mexico vs. Spain - (0-4) The world learns why Mexico should have never qualified.

Ivory Coast vs. Italy (0-2) Italy has too much experience, firepower.
Columbia vs. Uruguay (1-1) - penalty kick victory (neighboring Uruguay edges on).

Ecuador vs. Nigeria (2-0) - Nigeria won't be able to score against an acclimated Ecuador.
France vs. Argentina (0-3) - Everyone hates the French.  Argentina shows them no mercy

Germany vs. South Korea (4-1) - Determination doesn't win games.  Asian teams always buckle.
Portugal vs. Russia (0-1) - Russia takes an ugly, mean-spirited victory.



Brazil vs. Spain (1-0) -Viva Brazil

Italy vs. Uruguay (0-0) - Italy advances on pk's in a total heartbreaker.

Ecuador vs. Argentina (0-1) - Argentina in an exhaustive grinder.

Germany vs. Russia (1-2) - I think Russia is the "wildcard" in 2014.  A shirtless Vladimir Putin will show up at this game.  If I had to bet between the KGB and the Nazis, I'd go with the KGB.



Brazil vs. Italy (2-0) - Vince Welnick (shitty Dead keyboardist said it best... Samba in the Rain)

Argentina vs. Russia (3-1) - Russia's fairytale ending comes to a... well... it comes to an end.



Brazil vs. Argentina (3-2) - in a classic for the ages.


BRAZIL wins it all.  That's pretty much what everyone expects.  I'd be inclined to go with the favs.

Here's the current odds (these shift periodically, but I think it's fairly accurate):

Brazil 1:3
Argentina 5:1
Germany 5:1
Spain 7:1
Belgium 14:1
Columbia 20:1
France 20:1
Italy 28:1
Netherlands 28:1
Uruguay 28:1
England 33:1
Portugal 33:1
Chile 40:1
Russia 50:1
Switzerland 100:1
Ivory Coast 125:1
Ecuador 125:1
Mexico 150:1
Japan 150:1
Bosnia 150:1
Croatia 150:1
USA (no f'in way) - 150:1
Ghana 150:1
Nigeria 200:1
Greece 200:1
South Korea 200:1
Cameroon 300:1
Australia 500:1
Algeria 750:1
Iran 750:1
Costa Rica 1000:1
Honduras 1000:1

Like I was saying, I'd stick with Brazil.  Especially with them going off at 1:3.
If I were looking for another strong pick, I'd take Argentina at 5:1

If I wanted a "credible" longshot - I'd probably go with Russia (50:1).  I just think they'll gain plenty of momentum since their group is unusually easy.  They could be the shocker, get on a roll with a few lucky breaks and end up in the final 4.  Definitely fits the narrative and adds credibility to them hosting in the Cup in 2018.

I think Ecuador shouldn't be as high as 125:1.  They play everyone tough in the World Cup.  And they've got the history to prove it.  I think Mexico (150:1) and Ivory Coast (125:1) are undervalued.  I don't think they'll win it all, but I do think they'll advance to the round of 16... and then hey, it's doubtful... but you never know.

I think Belgium and the Netherlands are the most overrated.

And for all those who think soccer is lame, check this out.  If you are not emotionally moved in even the slightest, you have no soul...

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