Monday, December 07, 2015

Jeb Bush Rebound Strategy

Obviously, the entire world now knows that Donald Trump is willing to ban "Muslim travel" into the United States.  At least until, "we get the problem figured out."

Since Jeb (by nature) is a weak politician.  I am going to tell him EXACTLY what he needs to say.  This is assuming Trump does not clarify his statement or "walk it back."

"To any registered Republican primary voter --- if you are seriously considering casting a ballot for Donald Trump, please do NOT even consider voting for me.  I do NOT want your vote.  I'd rather lose the presidency than know my winning votes came from people who share Donald Trump's vision and ideology.  It's just not who I am or what I'm about.  It's not what my country's about."

This is Jeb's big opportunity to get back in the race.  He'll likely condemn Trump's comments but HE NEEDS TO GO THE EXTRA MILE.  Will he take it to the limit?  No way.  Too cautious and predictable.  Doesn't have the guts. 

Jeb could take it one step further and tell people that he'd rather Hillary be president... as opposed to Trump.  This part would really be walking a fine line, but it would definitely make Jeb the de facto anti-Trump candidate.  Jeb needs to define himself from an OFFENSIVE posture rather than a defensive position.  Why am I the only person who gets this stuff?  These morons spend millions on consultants and polling... and still don't git it.

Funny how Jeb will spend more money than all the other Republican candidates combined.  But doesn't have the intuitive sense of when to strike or fight back.  Just doesn't get it. 

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