Monday, February 28, 2005

yet another restaurant review

I think this is number six. I've probably got another 20 to go. Then it will be onto another topic - maybe local bars.
Uncle Pete's is an establishment in North Wheeling. It boasts the distinction of having the most dangerous parking lot in town. I'm willing to bet it's the reason you rarely see older people frequent the place. A 3 pt. or sometimes 5 pt. turn is always required to get out of the main lot. Then, you must proceed up this steep incline and cut through oncoming traffic. Not to mention, there's a fire station right next to the place which could further heighten the anxiety.
The food is slightly overpriced but generally good. One exception is the wings - they suck. What's really strange is that they're served with celery and carrot strips. I've always been a big fan of celery, but carrots? What the hell is that about? The biggest problem I have is the name of one of the sandwiches - yeah, you guessed it. It's the Turkey Jerky. The sandwich is pretty good, but unfortunately, if you point to it on the menu and say, "I'll have this one," - you'll get a cheery response from the 14 yr. old waitress. "OH, AWESOME. I LOVE the Turkey Jerky!" That's the best sandwich we've got. MMMmmmmmmmm, Turkey Jerky! YUMMY COOL!" This is not an isolated occurrence. It has happened numerous times.
Most of the other things on the menu are pretty decent. I like the fact that the bar side is non-smoking. You also get a scenic view of the Ohio River and Wheeling Island. The outside deck is nice but they seem to have a bee problem. I was eating on the deck one time and our table was swarmed with about 15 bees. This is only a problem if you're sitting by the upstairs dumpster (unfortunately, we were in very close proximity to the aformentioned trash bin). There was also the slight stench of garbage. Not too bad though - could have been much worse).
I eat there about once or twice a year. On a scale of 1-10, I'd say it's about a 5.3.


G Max said...

Turkey jerkey rocks. It's corned beef, turkey, cole slaw, swiss cheese, 1000 island dressing, topped with those little potato sticks. All served on grilled rye bread. Possibly one of my favorite sandwiches of all time.

macypup said...

I second the bee problem. Most unpleasant.

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