Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hospital food

My old friend Ken Dague used to beseech us to go eat lunch at the local hospital. His claims were straight-forward. Good food, great price. Affirmative on these 2 points. After making a lengthy production about it, one day a bunch of us had lunch at OVMC. I think this took place in 1997. I remember that it was pretty much standard cafeteria-like fare. A little less greasy. I'm pretty sure I had some whitefish and rice and possibly a salad. I guess all in all, it wasn't bad.
There's something strange about dining in a hospital cafeteria. Everyone wears their specific uniforms - different colored smocks depending on your rank and position. It lends itself to feeling like you're in a pychiatric institution. Usually, people tend to go through the line in groups. These groups of people generally have the same colored smocks. Then they proceed to the same tables based on the color of their respective smock. Seems like something out of an upbeat North Korean detention camp. Despite the relatively mundane atmosphere, I'm willing to give it another shot. Just something to keep in mind since there's always this never-ending discussion based on the question "Alright, where do you wanna eat lunch?"


Ren said...

I don't think Scrub colors are job title dependent. Your dr, the head nurse, or the orderly that only is allowed to change bed linens all wear interchangeable colors.

I'd prefer if it were indeed certain rank=certain color. Then when you had a serious problem/question you'd know the medical education level of the person you're asking it to. "I don't know why your mom is seizing, but I CAN tell you we have chocolate pudding on the menu today. Chocolate's my favorite!"

sonofsaf said...

I always thought there was a corelation between scrub color and vocation. Perhaps it's time to MAKE THAT CHANGE. MAN IN THE MIRROR. Just thought I'd throw in a subliminal Michael Jackson reference since he got off. Why isn't it that nobody on the news mentioned what's really happening at Neverland? Here's the real truth. Michael Jackson has the sexual maturity of a 10 year old. He's definitely playing those "you show me yours - I'll show you mine games". I seriously doubt that he forcibly raped or sodomized any of those kids. Nonetheless, that's still totally unacceptable and is definitely child molestation. I really wanted him to get a little jail time - mainly because Charles Manson is in that same jail. That would truly have been the original odd couple. Talk about the greatest reality series ever.