Friday, August 12, 2005


Went to Coldplay last night. As expected, it was a great show. I'm probably going to the Columbus one as well at the end of the month.
I've entered into a new phase of grilling. I like to call it "All Shrimp". The only problem is the grill. My Fire'n'Ice grill doesn't seem to get hot enough. Perhaps it is the quality of the propane although that seems unlikely. I'm going to buy the high-end Coleman canisters from now on rather than the generic stuff. I think that could make all the difference. Shrimp should not take 20 minutes. More like 3 minutes per side. Regardless, they were pretty good. That's definitely the way to go - shrimp kabob madness. Heather dropped one on the ground but remedied the situation by picking it up and dumping beer all over it. Then, she ate it. I was in disbelief - I can't belive she consumed the soiled kabob.

Should have scalped last night. Could have made a killing. There were tons of extras and a really nice mild flow to the box office. Should have spent more time in the pavillion seat as well.

Coldplay gets a 93. Great performance.

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