Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Robert Randolph

I'd never seen Robert Randolph and the Family Band until last Sunday. They played a free show at Hartwood Acres. This is a fantastic venue. Great tailgating scene and very good acoustics. I went up with Jenn and Heather and met up with Amanda and Eric who had a good spot right in front of the soundboard.
These guys are from Orange, NJ and a little on the preachy side, but for the most part are just a straight up rock/funk band. Incredibly talented and improvisational. They had the whole place rocking.
Regrettably, there's always a down side. On the way home, Heather wanted to stop at Taco Bell. Instead I offered her some Wild Bill's Beef Jerky. I warned her that it might be challenge to correctly open the bag. She made some derogatory comments about how anal I am and then had the unmitigated temerity to complain after the bag ripped open and would not re-seal. Fortunately, almost the entire bag was consumed on the ride home. Joy.
On an unrelated side-note, the first time I went to Hartwood Acres was with my family when I was about 8 years old. We saw Arlo Hayes and Woody Guthrie. When they played Alice's Restaurant, my mother screeched, "Harold, who's burning tires? It smells like someone's burning tires." My dad responded, "Ssshhh, Dorren, they're smoking pot. Sssshhhhh." Anyway, that was my first experience with marijuana. I've always liked that story.


amandape said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
amandape said...

Saf you only stayed for three to four songs. One song was when the saints come marching in/ with a mix of some funk song. I hardly find that preachy. (just a fun song!) Maybe you would have enjoyed the black sabbath song they played towards the end. Now that was rockin! Although you gave a good review and I think it was a great show, I do not think you stuck around long enough for the real deal! And Lord, You hear the word Jesus and you think it is preachy! Well Jehovah, saf it was just one song!

G Max said...

You drove an hour and a half to see 4 songs played?

sonofsaf said...

Actaully, we exited when it started to get dark. The other 2 I was with also voted for an early departure. I admit - we should have stayed a little longer.
Of far greater improtance is this post that "has been removed by the author". Rest assured, I would never delete a post. This ain't no John Ashcroft blog. Feel free to speak your mind. Comments about how prayer and organized relgion are embarrasing, humiliating and ultimately degrading are particularly welcome.

G Max said...

Personal rule of thumb: if the car ride is longer than the time spent at the destination, it wasn't worth the trip to begin with.

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