Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin

Hailing from the arctic tundra, of a town called Wasilla
The creationists love her, she's a real thrilla

McCain spent a great deal of time, contemplating her as his Vice
Gimme a fuckin' break, talk about a roll of the dice

Choosing her is something, that just can't be faked
When I think of Alaska, I prefer that it's baked

The tanning bed fiasco, isn't really that funny
but at least it was paid for, with her own money

The Bridge to Nowhere, now ain't that some shit
She voted for it, before she was against it

Piper's a great name, an unusual characterization
Maybe it was Rowdy Roddy, who served as the inspiration

The Republicans claim, that their kids ain't wild
so Bristol's off limits, cuz she's currently with child

Willow's a fun name, for you or for me
If you were a flower, and I was a tree

The oldest son, his name is Track
It seems appropriate, that he's off in Iraq

She's often known, for her various quotes
A feeble attempt, to garner some votes

"You can't put lipstick on a pig!"
Her other son agrees, his name is Trig

Now I just heard, that her email was hacked
But her password was "Sarah," so it was easily cracked

When McCain picked her, it was easy to make the case
a religious extremist, to energize the base

But one thing's for certain, that if you vote Palin
The next 4 years, our guvmint be a failin'


michelle cook infantino said...

funny and yes someone else reads this blog besides amanda. lol.

i like pictures though. i need some pictures. :)

sonofsaf said...

Yeah, like I know how to post pictures. Maybe I could post video of me brushing the meowathon.