Friday, October 24, 2008


I woke up yesterday, skipped running and got a shower. My water pressure absolutely sucked yesterday. It randomly fluctuates between BAD and FAIR. Not a good omen. So I went to that Sarah Palin rally. I'd never been to Beaver High School. It was about 2 miles off the exit. The directions I got off the McCain website seemed like nonsense so I just cruised up 60N and surmised that it would be near the Beaver exit. The latter option would prove successful. I was armed with my sign.

REALLY 4,000


I had another idea for a good sign yesterday...

Joe the Plumber
supports same-sex marriage

Can you imagine how much that would upset the rank and file right wingers? They'd look at the sign and fire back, "Oh no he doesn't! How do you know? That's not true!"
I got there around 3:45pm and a line had already formed outside the football stadium. I'd say about 500 people or so. There was no Obama presence whatsoever. No opposition, no protesters, nobody who was even remotely opposed to Palin. Ten years ago, I would have relished the opportunity to piss off a few thousand people. But these days, I just don't feel the desire to take the abuse on a solo level. Plus, my prior experience at the McCain rally a couple days ago was hardly encouraging. I decided not to press my luck. As I exited, I saw a young male waving a sign on the main drag. I thought to myself, finally, an Obama supporter. No such luck as I glanced at his sign, "Buy one pizza, get one free."
Oh well, all in all, a mildly disappointing effort but I managed to salvage the rest of the night. Gig had friends over for dinner so I got to meet some big city folk. One couple was from Canonsburg. Talk about a coinicidence - I'm from Canonsburg. And I listened to a live Elton John cd on the way home. Of course, one of these statements is a lie. I'll leave it up to the reader to make that determination.


Renea said...

I'm sorry the effort wasn't fruitful. If I was still unemployed, I would totally be into this cause. :-)

sonofsaf said...

I neglected to mention that I almost got in a horrific head-on car accident that morning. I had just left the house and a black 2 door car (I think it was a buick) pulls out of Stamm Lane near Wheeling Park. Unfortunately, the moron decided to pull out into the fast lane - the lane I was in. I had to veer into oncoming traffic to avoid getting side-swiped. Of course there are cars coming directly at me. A I laid on the horn, I swerved into the entrance of Wheeling Park. All traffic came to a haulting stop and everyone hit their horns. I even think the elderly moron was laying on his/her horn.
So I just collected my thoughts and drove around Wheeling Park cursing to myself.
The more I think about this election - the more I realize that the McCain campaign has been trying to overwhelm the average voter with a strange theme - Vote for us, because we're just like you! Now I realize it helps when people can identify with a politician, but do we really want our President/Vice-President to be able to identify with a dumbshit southern redneck from central Alabama. Maybe that's NOT a good thing. Wouldn't it be great if the average voter wasn't so egomaniacal - "I want a Vice-President who's just like me!" Maybe this sounds harsh, but I don't a want a Vice President who's a morbidly obese high school dropout cashier at the local Piggly Wiggly.