Friday, March 11, 2011

morningstar communications

I just got a junk email from these guys. This is beyond insane. The message they sent is worthless, but it's the email recipient list that will completely blow your mind.

Here's the crappy message. It's not even coherent or convincing...

Dear Investor,

Over here at Morning Star Communications, we strive to find you the best
market opportunities. We are happy to say OTC:BB IDVC is the right kind of
opportunity. Find out why the house, senate and DOD all agree that this company is heading in the right direction.

Click here to get more information::

MorningStar Communications.

But here's what puts the "CON" in the Wis-CON-son collective bargaining crisis.
The email list is full of "sonofs." I guess this would be pronounced "sun-uhhvzzz" I chose not to complete them w/ the relevant domain name (they're all hotmail). I just thought it made for an interesting spam e-mail subset. If you were the I.T. consultant for Morningstar and dished out cash for this "targeted" email list, I hope your superiors don't read this blog entry. Anyway, here are some of the unusual email addresses...

sonofsword - Sounds like something from a Lord of the Rings fanatic. I've tried to watch that movie 3 times now. I fall asleep every time about 30 minutes in. It's exhausting with all the whispering and early emphasis on jubilant Hobbit crap.

sonofsapphire - My birth stone is the peridot.

sonofsun - they stole this from me. One of my double cds is the sonofsun/sonofmoon compilation.

sonof666 - I was at Starlake many years ago and this guy milling around the top of the steps had a t-shirt that simply read...


I like it when these concertgoers show up at Eat'n'Park, Friendly's or King's after the concert. Any family style restaurant will do. The facial reactions from elderly diners are a sight to behold.

sonoffrance - What the hell does this mean anyway? Sounds like something out of Braveheart. Edward the Longshanks reached a duplicitous arrangement with Son Of France.

sonofabitch - Maybe the person likes that crappy anthem rocker, "Now You're Messin' With A Son of a Bitch." I forget who sings that song - Nazareth or someone like Ted Nugent?

sonofasonofasailor - Lame. Fail. Obviously a Jimmy Buffett fan. Stick a cheeseburger up his ass. He'll probably think it's paradise.

sonofsilverman - Ahhh, a fellow Jew. I wonder if there's a sonofschwartz.

sonofsaturn - I have a hunch on this one. General Motors marketed and actively promoted their Saturn line to gay men. Proud fag bought new car.

sonofsam - there were a bunch of these accompanied by several different numerical combinations (i.e. sonofsam13, sonofsam666, etc). Overall, not too creative.

sonof69 - Does anyone actually try this sex move anymore? I think it got phased out in late 70's/early 80's porn.

sonofyourmom - this begs the question, "Who are you?" and the person replies - I'm the son of your mom" Assuming that's the intent... hysterical, very funny.

I regret to inform you that there wasn't a Kind of a bummer. I thought there might be a few more duplicate names other than sonofsun. After all, I've got over 40 sonofcds and you figure the law of averages would kick in at some point.

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