Friday, October 04, 2013

How to destroy Obamacare

I often come up with these zany system disruptions.  Usually, it's an inventive public relations campaign to destroy the credibility of a politician.  A year ago, I formulated a template for how to destroy the NRA.  On second thought, maybe "destroy" is too strong a term.  Let's say "manufacture and emphasize an ideological schism that splits it into two separate factions thus limiting its current ability to wield as much power and influence."  Note: Because of my growing contempt for both parties, I'm an equal opportunity destroyer (but rest assured, I harbor far more hatred for the Christian right/Tea Party extremists).

Dismantling the NRA: first blog and related blog.   

So without further adieu, here's an unusual way to "destroy" Obamacare.

Eventually, this health care issue is going to play itself out when something "unexpectedly bad" happens.  The Republican side just needs that one prime-time incident.  You need to insert some heavy duty propaganda.  We just saw a meager attempt from a serrated Palin.  She put out some extensive tweet to her legion of idiots.  I call them the "freedom followers" because well, you know... who the hell doesn't want freedom?  Such a brave and controversial stand.  Let's do it!  Stand up for eternal liberty and all that jazz.

Yeah, as if she has the technical ability to write a propaganda piece (even one as bad and horrifically misleading as the one I just saw).  I can't even bring myself to physically summon the link.  I'm ashamed to admit that I named my cat after her.  Trust me, it's not entirely a badge of honor.  Sometimes, the animals meows incessantly in the middle of the night and I scream at him to shut the hell up.  It usually works... for maybe 20 minutes.  Then, it happens all over again.  So I walk to the sliding glass door to let him out... and what does he do.  He sits by his food dish waiting for me to fill it up.  But it's already full.  So I have to jostle around the Kibbles and Bits.  THEN, he starts to eat.  Round 2 usually involves me letting him outside.  Very Palinesque.

One more aside... I was watching Hannity's claim last night on Fox - that Harry Reid doesn't care about little kids with cancer.  He wants to defund the research and development aspects.  And of course Obama also wishes to dishonor our older veterans by temporarily closing the World War I/II Memorials.  They even show the "preventative" yellow caution tape.  Weak.

So here' my idea...

Use the Anonymous, youtube video platform.  Don the "Guy Fawkes vendetta mask."

Now claim that you are affiliated with the Affordable Health Care bureaucracy somewhere high up in an "identity protection and compliance" department.  You could also claim to be employed by one of the largest national banks, credit card companies or health care providers.  But it's more effective if you claim to be employed by the federal government.

Here's the gist of the video...

Obamacare: disease
Implementation: identity theft

"What the citizens of the United States don't realize is that Obamacare will be spreading a new disease.  This disease is called identity theft.  If you sign up for Affordable Health Care Act, it is possible you will be targeted for identity theft.  We apologize to all those who will suffer as a consequence.  But we feel it is necessary to take this step to ensure the foundations of democracy.  In the case of Obamacare, it is illegal for the federal government to force you to comply with their demands.  This country was built on concepts of freedom and liberty.  Socialized medicine is not the answer.  We are Anonymous.  We are Legion.  Expect us."

Use a few scary buzz words, like "execution", "viral", "exponential", etc.

It's important to use both terms (Obamacare & Affordable Health Care Act) and inextricably link them to disease, identity theft and a few choice adjectives.

Now let's point out the obvious.  Everyone has either experienced or knows someone that has been impacted by identity theft.  The trials and tribulations are akin to madness.  Its two overriding characteristics: interminable frustration and an absolute sense of helplessness and self-violation. 

Here's a little more background...

Create the narrative where this rogue Anonymous individual (I prefer to use a female govt. employee because it sounds slightly more convincing than a male).  She'll claim to be holding hostage a swath of social security numbers, addresses, birth dates, etc.  During the opt-in phase and while Obamacare is in place or as long as it's the "law of the land," a new list will be distributed to some semi-hostile nation (maybe random cat-phishing phone banks in Nigeria - that kind of thing).  This will continue unabated until the president goes before the nation and explains that he's going to dismantle the Affordable Health Care Act.

This automated program is set up in secured, random multiple locations and it will automatically email the personal information of X amount of individuals from every state in the country.  It's done on a daily basis.  Since Obamacare is a federal mandate, nobody will safe.  And if you want to add insult to injury, blue states will be specifically targeted.  As opposed to red states (or those whose governors publicly oppose Obamacare).  Now that's some mean-spirited shit.  But a word to the wise... you don't want to get overly partisan as it will weaken your fundamental argument about freedom, liberty, blah, etc. 

Next, just include an impassioned plea about how you cannot sit idly by and allow President Obama to draw us further toward socialism.  Never hurts to throw in Pelosi and Reid (their names are synonymous with liberalism/socialism due to the steady stream of Fox News' perpetual golden shower).  But try to evoke a tiny bit of sympathy.  Claim that it's your patriotic duty and you feel as though you honestly have no choice.  It's for the greater good.  That's a critical theme because it's transcends all the petty soundbyte issues and turns everything into a vaguer argument of good and bad, right and wrong.

The beauty of using the Anonymous platform:

* Very well-suited to go viral
* Impossible to dispute their claim
* Impossible to prosecute
* The more you seek to discredit the video, the more publicity it gets
* Fear is a VERY powerful motivator.  Blurring the lines between fear and reality.

Hey, if I think there's even the slightest possibility that Obamacare = identity theft, I will NOT be signing up.  At the very least, I'd be inclined to avoid registering until the govt. gets its act together.  Hmmm, I wonder when that defining moment will take place?

It's like throwing a "gorilla wrench, curve ball, systemic disruption" into the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act (as if it won't have enough logistical problems to contend with).

If that's scenario's too evil, I also have a demented, unrelated piece of propaganda that could be spread on the internet.  Construct a meme that claims PETA is in the final stages of petitioning the government to extend Obamacare to family household pets.  Not farm animals - that would obviously be bullshit.  But make the claim that it's starting with major surgical procedures for cats and dogs.  And it's hoping to expand basic coverage to parakeets, ferrets, snakes, etc.

Rush Limbuagh would go BALLISTIC.  Whether or not it's even remotely true is of no significance.  It's all about the slippery slope of "how far will Obamacare be willing to go."  Trust me, the thought of the government paying for some aging cat to undergo a $400 life saving operation because Ta'Anisha can't bear the thought of her suffering....  You wanna see what a truly enraged Tea Party fuck really looks like?  Screw the cat.  How about a hermit crab?

I might come up with a few more ideas this weekend.  Oglebayfest is cool and all, but sometimes I require greater inspiration.  After all, how much warm Bud Light draft can one drink?  Or better yet, just how much kettle corn can one family consume....

... even these Mormonic Duggar weirdos have their limits. 

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