Monday, January 11, 2016

How Trump Could Win in 2016

First off, a disclaimer:  I deplore Donald Trump.  He makes me physically sick to my scalp... and to a lesser extent, my stomach.

So here's how he can win it all.

For the primary, I'd stick with his general game plan.  Dominate the news cycle at any cost.  Keep hurling insults at all the mainstream candidates and hope they fear the damaging stigma from dropping out.  It's a smart tactic.  Most of these candidates (Rubio, Christie, Cruz, Bush) are relatively young.  They got a long way to go.  Don't wish to be perceived as having caved to the bullying and the pressure.  Plus, they're all victims to their own hubris.

Now for the general election, let's assume it's Hillary vs. Trump.  But let's throw in a wildcard.  MICHAEL BLOOMBERG, former multi-billionaire mayor of New York City.  If, and I know it's a big if.  IF Bloomberg runs, he'll do so as an independent.  This throws a monkey wrench into the entire electorate.

Bloomberg would run as a left-leaning, independent.  Money would not be an issue.  I think he's worth 40 billion or so.  Trump looks like a pauper in comparison.  And to add insult to injury, Bloomberg steals the Hollywood Jew and the Greenspanish banking vote from both sides.

Anyway, Bloomberg would run as some kind of pragmatic, billionaire populist and really pulverize Hillary's margins from the left.  It's the exact same dynamic that killed Bush Sr. in 1992.  Ross Perot ran as an outsider, fiscal conservative.  But everything happened from the right.  And Bill Clinton nailed the plurality.  You like that?

I really can't throw in Bernie yet.  Even if he wins Iowa AND New Hampshire, it won't be by much.  Hillary can say they're neck and neck and it's a long way to the finish line.  Then her money machine and special interests will go to work.  You won't be able to #feelthebern, because her PACs will #destroythebern.  Regardless of his "momentum," she'll dispose of him on Super Tuesday.

So here's my prediction.  Assuming all things remain generally stagnant for 2016 (no 9/11s), I think it will be Hillary vs. Trump.  If it's just those two, I think Hillary takes it in an absolute landslide.  I think she wins the entire electoral college.  All 50 states.  Not joking.  Unprecedented.

However, if Bloomberg were to run (and I think he will because he sees himself as an activist, risk-taker), I guarantee that Trump wins the presidency.  It would be tight... but in the end, it's merely a numbers game.  The presidential market share and societal percentages have zero emotion.  Trump would squeak through.  Unless of course... he winds up dead (a distinct possibility).

And that's how an obnoxious blowhard, arrogant douchebag, foreign policy ignoramus, pseudo-racist, carnival barking assholic asshole becomes the next president of the United States. 

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