Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the big day (night)

Tonight - Thursday, September 16 will make for an interesting evening. I originally intended to go see Rush at Consol Energy Center. Fuck that. Instead, I will get to meet "my hero." Saf, I didn't you had a modern day hero. Who is it? Lionel Richie? You gonna dance on the ceiling? John Cougar? Check it out? Huh? Sarah Palin? You betcha! For the love of sucked.

Not really. I'm fascinated by the this guy John Robb (ex-military, well versed in matters of intelligence). He writes the global guerrillas blog which deals with the inevitable emergence of resilient communities, 4th generation warfare, and to put it bluntly, the inevitable breakdown of US and global society. Author of "Brave New World" and in the process of writing a sequel. Except, he's not the routine apocalyptic, doomsday imbecile. He comprehends what's forthcoming and truly gets "it."

He's the keynote speaker at a 2 day University of Pittsburgh seminar. So I'm zipping up for it and I plan on giving him a copy of my Superbowl manifesto. Obviously, I'm not going to try and corner the guy and yap his head off. But what exactly will I say... I don't want to come across as a psycho or delusional. I'll probably just say something like this -

Mr. Robb. It's truly an honor to meet you. I'm a huge follower of your blog for the past several years. I wanted you to have this. Perhaps you could read it on the flight home. It's a basically just a blueprint for the next big 9/11 style on the United States. It's a remarkably simple concept but I've never seen it discussed anywhere and I have a hunch that Google and other search engines might be purposely suppressing it. Anyway, I think you'll find it an interesting read.

If he inquires further, I'll engage him with additional details. Other than that, I'll let it go. Either way, I'll report back with a thorough description of what happens. I won't be distraught if I can't speak to him at length (as I'm sure he'll have his hands full), but I WILL hand him a copy of my "manifesto" or whatever you want to call the damn thing. And I'll leave him my phone # and email address on the thing as well.

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if he's already thought of comparable 9/11-like asymmetric scenarios. After all, it is the world he lives in. And the guy does have a habit for pushing the limits of free speech (with regard to some of the more sensitive topics). Either way, I'm curious to see how this all pans out. In the next entry, I'll provide an entirely honest and forthright assessment of how it went.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Sounds interesting! Wouldn't it be cool if he posted your manifesto to his blog? DBV

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to wear your tinfoil hat!