Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Benny Hinn cancels his June Pittsurgh appearance... coward

So... the billionaire televangelist cancelled his "miracle crusade" in the Burgh.  That's 3 shows down the toilet.  But do not fret, he substituted the dates with appearances in Louisville and Milwaukee.  Praise the lord (of your choice)!  Maybe he thinks Midwesterners are more susceptible to his brand of hucksterism.  Or it could have been a simple logistical matter.  Then again, is it conceivable that he found out about my plans to stage a modern day "tar and feathering?"  After all, my blog ranks pretty high on google searches dealing with Benny Hinn and words like "fraud, con-artist, deception, scam, etc."  DARE TO DREAM.

I normally don't post videos without adding some ludicrous commentary.  Since the fundamental basis for the creation of this video is based entirely upon absurdity and intrinsically wrapped in everything irrational, I'll let it speak for itself.  I will say one thing though... it should be mandatory viewing for impressionable kids at Sunday school across the country.  It would be interesting to see just how many religious leaders have the guts to let it be shown in their house of worship and then have a serious, participatory discussion afterwards.  I'm guessing that number would be in the 10%-20% range.  I normally do not seek guidance or companionship from men and/or women "of the cloth."  However, these individuals would provide an exception to the rule.

Without further adieu... the best (and only) youtube video I've seen all day -

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