Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Mitt Romney official website screw-up

I wanted to see what time the Mitt Romney fundraising stop will hit the White Palace on Thursday.  So I went to the official website.  Anyone care to spot the error.  I'll betcha $10,000 you can find it.  It's an easy one.

Hard to believe that a man worth 300 million can't hire someone to adequately proof his site.  At least there is a Wheeling, Illinois.  Our alter-ego town does exist.  So I guess the blunder isn't that bad.  And hey, it's not like Mitt has this Grateful Dead-like following who travel around the country grasping at every attempt to see their hero in action.  On second thought, allow me to retract that.  I've seen a few of his campaign rallies.  "Dead-like" is an adequate characterization of the crowd.   They have this entranced, catatonic gaze when he launches into that off-kilter rendition of America the Beautiful.

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