Thursday, May 03, 2012

national day of scare

So May 3 is the National Day of Prayer.   Just some brief thoughts...

How quaint that it would coincide with Mitt Romney's visit to the friendly city.  Trust me, if push came to shove - Romney would abandon his Mormon ideology and convert to Latvian Orthodoxy (George Costanza). 

Why is it that when people engage in health-related prayer, it's always the internal stuff?  It's always the stuff you can't see.  Cancer, arthritis, blood disorders... Why don't we see amputees praying for spontaneous limb regeneration?  Ahhh, the age old question regarding rational suspension of belief.   If this leaves you feeling flustered, just stick with the usual explanation... god works in mysterious ways. 

Why don't people have more difficulty rationalizing their religious "choice?"  Why won't people acknowledge that their faith and general system of beliefs is a product of family lineage and geography?   Why such intrinsic, passionate devotion?  Seriously, I'd be more committed when it comes to selecting a Samsung or Panasonic.

And why the persistent denial of evolution?  Or even worse, the pseudo-scientific embrace of intelligent design?   I think it's the ultimate human shortcoming - the utter failure of mankind to comprehend its trivial role in the universe.

It seems to me... the National Day of Prayer would be better termed, the National Day of Scare.

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