Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Important dates #6

For the past year and a half, the prospect of the artificially generated stampede and the likelihood of the "cascade" effect have dominated my mind.  So I wrote a book about it, threw it on the internet and got it copyrighted.  Nothing happened.  Then, I initiated contact with the FBI and relayed my concerns.  Nothing happened.  Then, I mailed every NCAA Division I university president and chancellor in the country along with the leaders of the DHS, FCC and DOE.  I got one official response from the Dept. of Education and roughly 30 responses from leadership in higher education. 

So I sent them all a follow-up letter documenting the urgency of the situation and suggesting ways to prevent the A.G.S.  Then, I broadened my audience and submitted my concerns to all 32 NFL owners, commissioner Roger Goodell and 6 reps from NASCAR and Indy Racing.  No responses whatsoever.  In a last ditch effort, I notified the 7 directly elected politicians that represent me in the state of West Virginia.  I had conversations with 3 of them but Senator Joe Manchin was the only one to provide a written response and call for a written reply from the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety.  And I sent a final letter to the 30 respondents, reviewing my concerns and encouraging them to act.  I intend to phone all 30 of them on August 29, 2012.  It's both a moral imperative and an achievable goal.

I have virtually no faith in the U.S. government addressing this matter until AFTER it occurs.  Asking them to take preventative action is unrealistic considering the generational warfare glitch, the fact that there's no money involved and it defies the current government models for doing business.  And there's also the fundamental notion that if you talk about it, you own it.  If it happens on your watch... your administration absorbs the blame.

I've also had several conversations with police chiefs and various officials around the country.   Some acknowledged similar concerns, perhaps not to the degree of my own.  But when pressed to do something about it, they didn't seem too concerned.  They willingly recognize the acute nature of the problem (that stadium evacuation protocol has been irreparably compromised) but seem disinterested in "rocking the boat."  My personal moral code of conduct does not allow me to remain silent.  My concerns are not political in nature.  I can only be concerned with the potential loss of human life.

I find all of this peculiar.  Because if my prognostications are accurate, it's going to alter the course of humanity.  If it's a college football Saturday, it could potentially effect 25-30+ stadiums.  If it's the NFL, it would be 9 stadiums (probably the East Coast/Midwest early games).  You can do the math, but historically speaking, most large stadium stampedes have seen a death toll of around 100 per.  For a rough injury count, multiply that number by 10.  I suspect a calamity within the NFL would be substantially worse because these stadiums have so much more to contend with.  Massive spiral rotunda, bolted immovable plastic seats and a much firmer emphasis on securing the main entrances and exits.  From this perspective, stadiums in the United States are incredibly dangerous because of the excessive "amenities."  Most college football stadiums trend wider and are less steep.  Still, some of the biggest schools have attendance figures hovering near the 100,000 mark.  So it's a mixed bag.  In every scenario, 911 call centers would be overloaded.

So if it all goes down, what exactly transpires in its aftermath.  I've given this a great deal of thought but have been reticent to document it in writing.  Until now.

First: I have a hunch it will be the NFL and possibly a racing facility, not the NCAA.  I'm not going to explain why.  I also believe the "viral blitzkrieg" would be the mode of delivery.  Again, I feel uneasy offering an explanation.

Second:  Based on my 42 years of existence, interest in politics and generational warfare and an understanding of stampede dynamics, I think the AGS is likely to occur BEFORE the 2012 presidential election.  If this is the case, I suspect an easy victory for Mitt Romney.  I cannot fathom ANY state that would support the current administration once the truth comes out.  They were warned about the AGS in a serious manner and decided to do NOTHING.  And considering the vast nature of the evidence trail (about 300 letters and cc'd responses all over the place), I suspect it would suddenly become the biggest issue in the campaign, easily trumping jobs, the debt and the economy.  I suspect you'd constantly hear the phrase, "Well, that's what you get when you elect a community organizer."  The sad truth is - human events shape elections.  And these events are usually negative or disastrous.

Third: I think the United States Congress would suspend ALL litigation with respect to the injury and loss of life directly related to the stampedes.  And I think this legendary action would be upheld by the Supreme Court.  It would be regarded as an unforeseen consequence that could never have been properly addressed. 

The catch-22 is pretty evident.  If you warn citizens about it and it happens on your watch, you get the blame.  So obviously, the "wiser" choice is to stay the course and just hope it never happens.  If it does happen, just hope it's a small scale, isolated event and then implement the inevitable prevention measures and awareness campaigns.  The AGS would suddenly become the basis for almost ALL political attack ads.  And it would likely be very effective.  The administration knew about it and did NOTHING.  Probably because "government experts" would have deemed the American public "incapable" of hearing about it.  The subject matter was too sensitive.  This will make for some fascinating debates in the future.  Unless of course, I'm the only person out of 6.8 billion people who has ever conjured up the possibility of the AGS.  We know this cannot be true because my letter writing campaign alone exposed the problem to thousands of people. Oh yeah, and the 100 or so people who've read my book or occasionally check my blog.

Fourth: If the AGS is full blown, I think it will be a watershed moment in history that signals one of the first key battles in technology vs. humanity.  I'd also expect the country to be gripped with an overwhelming sense of fear and paranoia for the foreseeable future as the "spirit" of most citizens would be greatly compromised.  Attendance at large venues would likely nosedive.  In the aftermath of 9/11, people rallied around the President and Congress as a wave of nationalism swept the country.  The AGS would have the exact opposite effect.  Complete distrust of leadership and skepticism with all 3 branches of government.  I also think you'd see an increased military presence at all major events as a meager attempt to pacify the general public.  If you believe that 9/11 fostered numerous, outlandish conspiracy theories, just witness the result of the AGS and the domino effect. 

Fifth: I believe that all the suggestions I have made for combating the AGS would likely become immediate policy. 

Sixth: There will inevitably have to be an enlightened debate about freedom of speech as it relates to killing people without weapons.  Are poeple even allowed to write about topics like the AGS, "flashmob forest fires" or "purposely timed attacks that coincide with major televised event in an effort ot steal the news cycle by holding networks morally accountable?"  Where do you draw the  line?  Wikileaks is a good example of the leaking of restricted speech.  There will inevitably be separate arguments for dangerous hypothetical speech.  With the internet in play, how does this issue resolve itself on a global scale.

A final note on all of this.  From a moral perspective, I truly believe the course of action I undertook a year and a half ago was the absolute RIGHT thing to do.  Unless you can convince me that the United States government is in the process of implementing a plan to combat the AGS.  All my accumulated research points to the exact opposite.  And at the heart of this endeavor there would have to be awareness campaigns.  As of this date, I have yet to see any.   Other than an absolute, all encompassing internet/telecommunications kill switch (which still wouldn't work in time), there is just simply no plan.  What truly worries me - the notion that some individuals have theorized of everything I have written and are already concocting vast, far-reaching contingency plans and operations.  I believe this is a reasonable assumption.  I guess we'll see how it all plays out.  Because if you comprehend the generational warfare glitch, you'll understand the AGS is an absolute certainty.  The only variables that remain are the specifics.  When and where, scope and magnitude.

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