Saturday, August 11, 2012

the Janna Little (Boren) Ryan connection to Barack Obama

Mitt Romney just picked Paul Ryan as his VP running mate.  Bold pick.  Strong statement.  I think this race just got a helluva-lot more interesting.  I prefer the double "L" spelling in Helluva, instead of...

You'd think this cheese was manufactured in Wisconsin?  Wrong - Sodus, New York.    

Over the years, I've developed a fondness for elderly women who are afraid to invoke the word "HELL" in routine conversation.  They make a conscious effort to phrase the eternal damnation destination as "H - E - double hockey sticks."  Just who the hell comes up with these euphemisms?  I wish I had a say.  The world would be a markedly different place.  Even an imbecile like Gwen Stefani knows how to spell "Hella Good."  Makes you wanna holla back

Anyhoo, I just discovered an interesting bit of trivia.  Congressman Ryan's wife's name is Janna Boren Ryan.  She's the niece of David Boren.  Alright then, just who is this David Boren?  Well, David Boren isn't anyone too important.  Just the former Governor of Oklahoma (1975-1979) and a U.S. Senator (1979-1994).  Oh, and he has been the President of the University of Oklahoma for the past 18 years.  He also serves as the current Co-Chairman for the U.S. President's Intelligence Advisory Board under Barack Obama.  Sounds like a political heavyweight with some strong connections.  Oddly enough, he's a Democrat from a very red state who is known for reaching across the aisle. 

I mention all of this because I recently sent President Boren two letters, one dated March 1, 2012.  The other dated April 20, 2012.  He declined to respond to either of them.  His prerogative I suppose.
A good question might be... did he read either of them?  Based solely on a response rate of 29 out of 118, I think it's a strong possibility.  Although I have no proof, I imagine a far greater number of university presidents and chancellors read my letters, but opted not to respond because of fear mostly grounded in potential liability and litigation issues.

My point to all of this jibber jabber???  David Boren has a direct vocal connection to the President of the United States.  And although doubtful, I do believe it's conceivable that acting in his capacity on the Presidential Intelligence Advisory Board, he may have directly relayed my concerns regarding the artificially generated stampede to Barack Obama.

The irony here... I think the convoluted scenario I presented above has way more credibility than Obama learning about the A.G.S. from 3 of his immediate Cabinet members (Janet Napolitano, Julius Genachowski or Arne Duncan) whom I attempted to contact (but to no avail).  You'd think they'd at least offer me the courtesy of a written response.  Wrong again.  Perhaps the U.S. government lacks the fiscal strength and adequate administrative resources to furnish a response.  Maybe the U.S. government just isn't big enough.  Possibly.

Truth be told, I did get one written response from the government, an underling at the Department of Education - one of the most critical pieces in the inevitable chain of evidence.  And while all these government officials and university presidents are generally considered wise men and women, I'd still put my money on Jean-Luc Picard.

from The Next Generation "Clues" episode >

... clues were left behind that suggested a mystery.  And to many humans, a mystery is irresistible.  It must be solved.  Little pieces of evidence that suggested even more clues.

Call the Captain what you may... bald, arrogant, emotionally detached, etc.  But I'll tell you one thing, Jean-Luc was quite prophetic. 

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