Saturday, October 06, 2012

Karate Kid analogy

Normally, I wouldn't write a post like this.  But I'm going to offer a rare degree of specificity because this stuff has plagued my mind all week long.  I often speak of the potential for artificially generated stampedes.  The rapidly approaching presidential election introduces a dangerous political component which I feel could be the "game changer" sometimes referred to as an "October Surprise" by the pundits.  Basically, it hands the presidency to Mitt Romney on a silver platter.

The following cities would be directly impacted - Washington DC, New York/New Jersey (metro area), Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Kansas City.  If timed properly, Jacksonville and Charlotte enter the picture.  Conceivably, these three other cities could be ensnared as well - Minneapolis, Boston and San Francisco.

And there's one of the biggest Nascar races in Talladega, Alabama which normally draws around 100,000.  I suspect it would be enveloped too.

Even though I'm willing to discuss and write about the conceptual nature of the A.G.S., I'm normally disinclined to post something like this.  But I've just had these nagging premonitions.  I think it's the added political frenzy - endless regional campaigning (once again, it seems like neighboring Ohio will be ground zero).  And of course, the debates have added a heightened sensitivity.  Unless dark political agendas have suddenly become irrelevant and inconsequential.  U.S. and world history would strongly lean to the contrary. 

Regardless, Gigi and I will try to score freebies tomorrow.  It's going to be a difficult one, but it's Steelers vs. Eagles.  You just don't miss this one.  With the Polamalu and Harrison back, I think the Steelers rebound big-time.  I like Pittsburgh to cover the -3.5.  Tomlin just doesn't lose two in a row, especially following the bye week.  Even though the defense is healthier, I'm leaning toward it being a shootout.  So I'd take the over 44.5.  Steelers just won't go 1-3 and then have 2 consecutive road games. 

Stripping everything down to raw numbers is a fascinating exercise.  It's even more intriguing with politics.  If you have any doubts, just look to Vegas (or ironically... Barbados, Costa Rica, etc.).  Most of the gambling websites have Obama's reelection chances at 80-85%.  Mitt's in the 15-20% range but likely got a slight bounce from the debates.  But I think it's that intangible element - Romney portraying himself as an underdog and a scrappy fighter.  Only in the United States could you get away with this shit.  A guy worth nearly half a billion playing the ultimate role of the comeback kid.  Give me a fucking break.

When I hear about all these "low information" voters, I just sit back and chuckle.  There's no such thing.  They're not low information.  They're just easily influenced one-issue voters (gods and guns).  So I guess the question becomes this... 

Think of it in terms of the Karate Kid (Part I), but in an alternate universe/bizarro world.

Is Mitt Romney the modern day equivalent of Daniel-Son from Reseda?

Did all that debate training pay off much like Mayagi's deceptive techniques - "sand the floor/paint the fence/side to side/wax on-wax off?"

Could the stampedes serve as the launching pad... a conveniently timed, epic macrocosm that Mittens Romney would surely take advantage of?  Hmmmm, perhaps something like this...

After all, for much of the United States, isn't this the real face of Obama?

Let's just say that if I'm correct... and I'll certainly concede that it's a pretty big if.  Well, I think it all goes down to wire.  Except the respective roles of Obama and Romney are surprisingly REVERSED.  Kind of like this...

And Mitt triumphantly takes the victory.  

Because this isn't the face of a battered and beaten Obama-Son.

this is...

And if you scroll down a ways, there's even a metaphorical portrayal of yours truly...


Anonymous said...

First NFL football SHUT-OUT!
You called it.
Good luck tonight!

Anonymous said...

Just one post after you ranted against fantasy football, you somehow incorporated all the inane topics that you talk incessantly about. Romney, the stampede, freebies, & gambling on football.

sonofsaf said...

To Anonymous (likely a human who just relocated to Castle Shannon): I neglected to mention another problem with fantasy football. It's called "the prolonged pay-out." When it takes months to squeeze money out of the residual fantasy losers. Kind of like the NHL Stanley Cup finishing up in mid-June.

To Gigi: Eagles/Steelers was a tough one. I wouldn't read too much into it. But watching the game at Stage AE was a decent salvage operation.

Anonymous said...

That was me, sorry I forgot to add my name at the end. I wouldn't make a snarky internet comment & intentionally try to be anonymous.


Gmax said...

Josh, I think you're right.

Stampede Talk = Fantasy football talk!

sonofsaf said...

G-Mix-a-lot - there might be a kernel of truth in that statement.

On an unrelated note, WVU vs. Kansas State has been moved to the night game. Curious to see how the "inflammation" plays out.