Sunday, September 29, 2013

dominipede poem

I wrote this poem a couple days ago while me, Gigi and my parents took a cruise on the Columbia and Snake Rivers through various sections of Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  Beautiful scenery and fascinating history.  If you wish to fully comprehend the poem, visit my website.


I wish to convey, some critical information
To all the citizens, of this once great nation

The mode of delivery, will be poetry and rhyme
About multiple disasters, that transpire in real time

Our First Amendment rights, offer excellent reach
For a writer and activist, with a commitment to preach

The subject is dangerous, but I cannot resist
It's all about a word, that doesn't currently exist

An act of pure evil, an incomprehensible deed
A cascade of terror, I've termed it... dominipede

I personally have issues, with government accountability
their moral standards, when it comes to discernible inevitablity

Certain people have knowledge, they're not willing to relate
Instead of divulging, they'd prefer just to wait

On second thought, this might not be entirely true
Because at the heart of it all, lies a catch 22

For if you decide, to acknowledge and speak
Your chances for reelection, become incredibly weak

So silence becomes, a predictable norm
Rather than confronting, the inevitable storm

An untouchable issue, a test for humanity
Designed to play off, our collective insanity

Like a gun without bullets, something completely unique
It's impossible to fathom, the havoc one could reek

The NFL would provide, the best choice for a venue
Calling, hacking, spoofing, texting...  just ingredients on a menu

The obvious choices, the places I fear most
Are in the South, Midwest and all over the East Coast

The most likely cities, the more inviting targets
Are the lesser known teams, in the much smaller markets

The people impacted, random victims of fate
their passion for football, and the 1 o' clock slate

Feel free to add another, to this supplemental attack
Encompassing INDY Racing fans, or even a NASCAR track

Social media, would play a likely role
with Twitter and Facebook, exacting their toll

Synthetic terror, minds of throngs sharply penetrated
Resulting in bodily crushes, that are artificially generated

An evident saturation, of alerts gone viral
Tripping, falling, stomping... as it all starts to spiral

Widespread panic, quickly taking its toll
In multiple locations, there would be no control

Assaults depending heavily, on timing and information
Coupled with herding instincts and a fear of predation

A reliance on ignorance, and a populace adrift
New tactics in combat, a permanent shift

Now consider the progression, of malicious intent
The stakes are too high, so I will never relent

For everyone has these weapons, we call them cell phones
And they can be just as deadly... as bombs, guns or drones

The questions of who, how, why... when and where
Will become part of the conspiracy, and we're already there

The pieces of the puzzle, I have a hunch how they'll fit
But the most troublesome aspect, is that we were all in on it

It's frustrating to know, that as hard as I try
It was simply one big hoax, it was the ultimate lie

For it could be only one, wishing to settle a score
That ushered in this new era, of generational war

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