Thursday, February 13, 2014

#flipadistrict poem about David McKinley (R-WV) - 1st district

I wish to convey, some critical information
To all the citizens, of this once great nation

The mode of delivery, will be poetry and rhyme
About multiple disasters, transpiring in real time

Our First Amendment rights, offer excellent reach
For a writer and activist, with a commitment to preach

The subject is dangerous, but I cannot resist
It's all about a word, that doesn't currently exist

An act of pure evil, an incomprehensible deed
A cascade of terror, I've termed it... dominipede

Synthetic fear, minds of throngs sharply penetrated
Resulting in bodily crushes, that are artificially generated

Assaults relying heavily, on timing and information
coupled with herding instincts, and the risk of predation

A dependence on ignorance and a population adrift
New tactics of warfare, a generational shift

An untouchable issue, a test for humanity
designed to play off, our collective insanity

My representative knows all about it, but he's unwilling to share
He personally would not benefit, so why would he care?

I certainly have issues, with his lack of accountability
his moral standards, in the face of discernible inevitability

Our state has the politician, we surely must rid
His last name's McKinley, his first name's David

The first district of West Virginia, he currently rules
an ideal stomping ground, for his minions and fools

In all honesty, and with a certain merry candor
McKinley rose to power, largely through gerrymander

I really don't like him, or so it would seem
He's a hardcore conservative, a tea party wet dream

The only aspect, I'm unwilling to bash
Is his trademark distinction, that peculiar mustache

I applaud your contest, this whole "flip a district"
But outta the entire House, IT IS HIM WE MUST EVICT

And one last thought, upon which I'll delicately delve
The location was Pittsburgh, in two thousand and twelve

My girlfriend bought tickets, for our hero Bill Maher
With seats in the balcony, we watched from afar

It hurts me to say this, it takes all the courage I can muster
Bill... your stand-up that night, was really lackluster


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