Sunday, February 02, 2014

NFL related Sopranos memes

I made some minor improvements to the Chris Christie NFL meme.

It got me to thinking.  If there's one thing I know, it's the Sopranos.  With the unfortunate passing of James Gandolfini, I bet there would be ample interest in some Sopranos trivia as it relates to the National Football League.  So I made a bunch.  They're still a work in progress.  Disclaimer: if you don't know shit about the Sopranos, these won't make much sense.

The new stadium in Santa Clara is supposed to be bad ass.  I checked out the schematics.  It is.

I debated whether or not "lodge" should be replaced with "boxes of ziti," but it was just too much clutter and information.

Yep - the big shocker.  Vito's a fag.  His body was found at a hotel in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  Cops said that Vito had a pool stick shoved up his ass.  I wonder if it was chalked.

Heaviest player in the NFL?  Fughetaboutit.  Gotta go with the Andy Reid substitution for Ginny Sac.

One of my favorite Soprano moments.  Paulie finally gets a taste of Italy, but he didn't care for the cuisine, particularly the octopus. 

Right before Janice threateningly puts a bullet in his sternum.  Richie puts down a "New Jersey Bride" magazine and warns her, "I'm in no mood."

I tried to put a comma after "Any Way You Want It," but the meme thingie wouldn't cooperate.

Christopher is worried that his life isn't going as planned.   He asks Big Pussy, "Where's my arc?"  He looks at Christopher and says, "You know who had an arc?  Noah."

I might make some more of these.  They're very addicting.

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Smurf_Avenger said...

it's five "large" not five lodge. It means thousand.