Thursday, June 02, 2016


Hillary is making a major speech today on national security and Donald Trump's dangerous lack of foreign policy experience.  In anticipation, Trump already launched a preemptive twitter attack.

Bernie Sanders was right when he said that Crooked Hillary Clinton was not qualified to be president because she suffers from BAD judgement!

Crooked Hillary Clinton has zero natural talent - she should not be president. Her temperament is bad and her decision making ability-zilch!

Yeah, great material there Donald.  Truly profound... as usual.

Rubio was "Little Marco."  Cruz was "Lyin' Ted."  Jeb was "low energy."  Senator Sanders is "Crazy Bernie."  Former President Bill Clinton is "Cheatin' Bill."  And of course, Clinton is "Crooked Hillary."

For the next 6 months, Trump is going to use the term "crooked" ad nauseum.  I suspect you'll start to see caricatures of her with a hunched over back.  It's a predictably obvious attempt to make her appear old, frail and weak.  Call me crazy, but I have a strong "hunch" that you'll eventually hear the term "Hunchback Hillary."  Far be it from me to offer clever twitter snippets to that infrared jag-off.  As if Trump would really know the definition of "kyphosis."  Scoliosis maybe.  But kyphosis?  No fucking way.

Anyway, here's my point.  For the past 8 years, the entire Republican establishment has been very effective with conveying straightforward attack messages.  Their party leadership gets everyone on the same page and is relentless.  Whether it's issues like Benghazi or words like Obamacare, the party leadership disseminates their talking points and the mindless automatons in the House and Senate go to work on Fox News.  Over and over and over again.   They all conform to the same playbook.  To the ill-informed, if you constantly repeat the same thing, over time, it basically becomes the truth.  Trust me, I get it.  Regrettably, the Democrats do NOT get it.

So here's the dealio.  Hillary needs to find a word that literally defines Trump.  And that word is... drum roll please...


scatterbrained, half-baked, dimwitted, giddy, reckless --- all the synonyms are totally spot-on.

And the best part of all, every time you say the word "hairbrained," it draws attention to his trademark... that imbecilic, ginger, sloping side-do. 

Now Hillary is just a tad more professional with her delivery.  So I'd recommend some easily digestible talking points for the masses.  For example...

Donald Trump tells us he's going to build that wall, build that wall, build that wall.  What kind of a hairbrained immigration strategy is this?  Donald, here are some really tough questions --- Where will the wall start?  Where will it end?  Can you fly over the wall in a plane?  Can you sail around it in a boat?  Can you scale the wall and use a rope to climb down the other side? 

When it comes to national security, Donald Trump says he's going to "bomb the hell" out of Isis.   What kind of hairbrained strategy is this?  How are you going to distinguish between Isis and innocent civilians.  We've already flown 12,000+ bombing missions against Isis.  Exactly how many more are necessary.

On women's rights... Trump wants to punish women who get an abortion.  He once was pro-choice.  But now he's unabashedly pro-life.  What kind of hairbrained flip-flop is that? 

On the economy... Donald Trump says he's going to negotiate better deals and win the trade war with China.  What kind of hairbrained economic mumbo jumbo is this?  Is he going to personally negotiate all our future trade deals with the leaders of 200+ countries?  If he's going to delegate the task, exactly who are these masterminds?  I'd be a little worried if they're all valedictorians from Trump University.

Ohh, and then there's the Supreme Court.  Call me silly, but my Supreme Court nominations will be graduates of Harvard or Yale or Stanford University... not a ponzi scheme or scam program like Trump University.

By the way, every time Hillary refers to Trump University, she should call it Trump U.  It's a great wordplay, because it implies that you've just been trumped... or to a lesser degree, screwed and fucked over.  Subtle, condescending mockery is the superior strategy for coping with The Donald.  You can't really have an intellectual debate with this guy, so why even bother.  Marginalize him.  Belittle him.  Chuckle at him.  It will drive him to the brink of insanity.  Trump has a ridiculously fragile ego.  It's his achilles heel.  Of all the seven deadly sins, pride is Trump's fatality.

One more observation.  At every turn, Hillary should appear flabbergasted and incredulous with the notion that HE is the official Republican candidate.  Not only will you soundly defeat Trump, you might just end up winning over the Senate and maybe the House.  Trump winning the Republican nomination is a gift from the political gods, but if and only IF,  you take him out at the knees.     

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eric saferstein said...

Having just watched Hillary's speech, I'm going to scale back the aforementioned strategy a bit.

She was just so convincing, professional, stately, measured and presidential. I'd say the best thing she could do is continue to stay above the fray. Let her surrogates and PACs go the sleazeball route and throw jabs at that moron. Maybe cccasionally throw in an "Obama style" observation in the form of a humorous, degrading quip.