Thursday, January 19, 2017


A few weeks ago, I wrote a quick blog about plagiarized memes, or as I call them, "plemes."  It was merely a commentary about how the facebook community has a propensity for sharing memes which echo their sarcastic interests and bolster their online ego.  No big deal really.  Viral memes are all the dispensation rage.  Trust me, I get it.

But today I saw something fascinating.  It magically appeared in my feed.  It was a Trump tweet in the form of a meme, or as I call it, a "treme."

Of course, the list of replies that followed were all over the spectrum.  Indignation and outrage, justification and solace.  Hey, gotta be honest.  That's a rather explosive statement from our newly elected crimson king.

But did you notice anything unusual about this specific treme?  Well I did!  No time, no date, no symbols, no retweet numbers, no profile pics of followers, etc.  Hmm, that's because it's a fake!  Whoever created it didn't even bother with the technical accoutrements.  Ah yes, the audacity of the internet. 

Sure enough, I googled "fake trump tweet generator" and a slew of sites popped up.  Apparently, people like the concept of bombarding their friends with personalized, authentic Trump insults.  Now the orange anus and I do have one thing in common.  Our mutual loathing of Rosie O'Donnell.  He just expresses his disgust in a far less comprehensive fashion.

But could this all be foreshadowing something bigger?

I suspect the release of this particular treme was specifically tailored to coincide with the inauguration.  A feeble, yet aggressive attempt to reek facefuck/snapcrap/instashit havoc.  Incite controversy and delegitimize the incoming regime.  Once again, I get it.  Well done.

Call me cray, but I think we're witnessing the emergence of a new social media trend --- the imposter tweet or fugazi meme.  Just. Convincing. Enough.

Let's be honest.  The majority of social media devotees aren't willing to read an entire article... even if it's a fake one.  They want everything condensed into an easily digestible picture with a straightforward agenda.  A natural outcome of Trump's twitter obsession.  I think it speaks to a bigger issue --- the widespread dumbing down of social media and the population at large.

As someone who spends a great deal of time generating tedious propaganda, I'm a little offended by this overtly simplistic attempt at duplicity.  But I'm also a realist and can see where society is trending.  Like a runaway twitter freight train.  Our new President unknowingly leading the charge.  Choo-Choo-Choo, Tweet-Tweet-Tweet.

I suspect you'll see an inundation of tremes during the early days of the administration.  Mostly incorporating the flamboyant Trump brand and exploiting his authoritarian personality paired with a 3rd-4th grade vocabulary.  It's the hipper version of click-bait.  Meme-bait!

For example...

We are going to build a great wall (between the U.S. and Mexico) and tear down a fake wall (between church and state)! #MAGA

(note the deliberate attempt to antagonize atheists, constitutional advocates, libertarians, just about anyone other than your prototypical Southern Baptists) 

I have NEVER mocked anyone with disabilities.  The media is the one whose picking on me!

(note the intentionally incorrect grammar --- "whose" instead of "who's")

Ringling Brothers Circus is a great American tradition.  We want businesses to thrive... not fail!

(note the blatant attempt to infuriate animal rights activists.  Just after Ringling Brothers finally announced they're going to cease operations.  If you're clickbaiting, anything on the internet regarding animal cruelty is a proven commodity)

It's no wonder the Dumbicrats lost the election.  They just don't get it.  It's about jobs,jobs, jobs!

(note the token insult, improper punctuation and excessive use of the word "it" and "jobs") 

I could write these tremes all... night... long... (Lionel Richie is coming.  People will literally be dancing on the ceiling of PPG Paints Arena). 

But I just don't have the desire to plug them into a fake Trump tweet generator.  The mere act of doing so would reek of clinical desperation.

So if you're in the "fake Trump social media news business"... feel free to drop me a line (304-312-1395).  Yeah, you'll have to hear about my stampede shit.  But it'll be worth it.  Hey, the best material Hillary Clinton's team offered up was female body shaming, assorted empathy plays on civil rights and grab 'em by the pussy.  And they had a billion dollar budget to boot!  What. A. Joke.

Unfortunately, the joke's on us.


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