Friday, March 11, 2005


There's a relatively new restaurant on the distant perimeter of Ohio County. It's located off the Jill's Lounge exit of I-70. Continue through the interesection and start your descent toward rt. 40. It is located on the left. The parking lot is mildly disturbing. Tons of mud and gravel. There's an upper lot as well but it consists of about 20 storage sheds. When you enter Ruttenbucks you'll see a sign that says "SEAT YOUR D*$% SELF". In many ways, this is an omen of things to come. The place is one of those "down home redneck party" bar/restaurants. The bar is kind of small but has a nice feel to it and there's a pool table in the back. The menu is pretty big for such a small place. I had something called "Beef Dippity" on the advice of our waitress. I asked her what she would get - she replied without hesitation, "The Beef Dippity, in fact, I'm turing into the beef dippity." With all due respect, she did bear a slight resemblance to the sandwich. The sandwich was decent but don't get the chips - they suck. Substitute something in their place.
The decor is consistent with one of those "hip" steak houses. Lots of stainless steel pots and pans on the walls. Horseshoes everyhwere and of course, the entire Nascar schedule just in case you've forgotten where the Sunday race is - this week it's in Vegas!
I have never been a fan of these kinds of restaurants - It's a scaled down version of West Texas Roadhouse which I passionately despise. There's even peanut shells all over the floor to give it that added rustic look. The management always seems to encourage the staff to say things like "How ya'll doin" or "What'll it be for you'ins today". What's really bad is when they get the foreign exchange student from Taiwan who decides she wants to make a few extra bucks, even though her parents have stashed a quarter million in her checking account. I actually went on a date with the person I'm describing, except it was an Iranian girl named Fareeba and she worked at West Texas Roadhouse. She also claimed to be a virgin although that's largely irrelevant. We went to West Texas for dinner on our first date (her suggestion) and she got up from the table and line-danced with the staff (even though she wasn't working). She must have felt it was her obligation to participate. Surprisingly, we didn't really hit it off. There's just something inherently wrong when foreigners decide to embrace redneck ideology.


hhlebiczki said...

Have you checked out the 'Taco Joe' in Dallas Pike?

sonofsaf said...

I like the sound of "Taco Joe". I imagine it represents a different configuration of what used to be the Taco Bell Express. I always liked Taco Bell but the fuckheads removed my favorite item on the menu - the Tostada.

Ken said...

How about a commentary on all the critters that liven up yer life? Groundhogs, racoons, squirells, and of course, birds would make excellent material.

Rachel Elek said...

I just googled Ruttenbucks to see what might be out there about it. My husband and I stumbled upon it when we were looking to buy a car. I saw it and after we returned the car that we would never be able to afford I told my husband that I saw the resturant and it looked a little creepy, but I thought it would be fun to try it. It was definitely very different on the inside than the outside. We enjoyed it for the most part. It was funny because he asked what kinds of beer they have and the waitress said everything, so he asked for a Bass and they did not have it. By everything she meant Bud, IC, etc. Anyways, I just thought I would leave a comment.

Jepsonian said...

I had low expectations, but my first experience was good. Although I did have to get the peanuts myself. I'm not lazy, so not a big deal. I don't know if it has a new location, but the building is nice and the lot is concrete,no mud/gravel.

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