Thursday, July 10, 2008

new odds on Hillary

Well, the odds on Hillary to win the Democratic nomination have now jumped to 49-1. Think about it. That's 20 bucks to win a GRAND. Of course, you have to reconcile the untimely death of Obama or his withdrawal from the race. I remember the Clinton campaign alluding to a nuclear option early in the campaign. They insinuated that they had some "dirt" on Obama but would never use it. Whether or not this is true is very debatable. They may have just wanted to try and scare some votes her way. But what if they do have some dirt - proof that Obama had a threesome, an extramarital affair, video of him kicking a midget in the balls... who knows, it could be anything. I could even envision the Clintons leaking it to the press (right after the Obama team pays off her campaign debt of course). That will be what I refer to as crunch time. Actually, just a little bit before the debt is retired so it doesn't arouse too much suspicion. Just take an objective look at the Clintons and think who we're really dealing with.
Anyway, the Democratic National Convention is August 25-28. So I'm thinking about placing the wager in about a week or so. I can't fathom the odds getting much better than 49-1. Incidentally, Al Gore is also 49-1. Just rememeber, if the whole bet was so ludicrous and unfathomable, there wouldn't be people out there currently betting on it.

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