Monday, February 14, 2011

the heart symbol

I ♥ Gigi

Happy Valentine's Day! I have ventured into uncharted territory and learned how to make those heart symbols which others find very popular. This is truly unprecedented.

I ♥ you,


Anonymous said...

Awww....So unlike you!
<3 DBV

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Eric!
I ♥ you, too. Gig

Anonymous said...

You should have posted this on the Minit Car Wash sign.

Anonymous said...

I still ♥ you! Gig

Anonymous said...

The ♥ for you has not faded!
Happy Valentines Day, Eric!
Gig ♥

Anonymous said...

I ❤❤❤ You!
Thanks for still putting up with me!

sonofsaf said...

I love you too.

Anonymous said...

I ❤️ you so much!
–Gig xooxoxoxooxoxox💃💋💋

eric saferstein said...

The "flood of love" continues... unabated.
I should check my comment section with greater regularity!