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Civil Emergency in this area until 1:24 PM EST Take Shelter Now U.S. Govern

If you happen to reside in central New Jersey (specifically Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties) and are a Verizon customer with a "cellular enabled device," you may have gotten the scare of a lifetime.  What happened on Monday afternoon, December 12, 2011 strikes me as something far more than a casual accident.  I'll let these 2 pictures speak for themselves...

CMAS just means Commercial Mobile Alert System

Now that second one looks a tad more menacing.  Nothing like a request to "Take Shelter" due to a "Civil Emergency."  Seriously, it evokes images of students being told to hide under their desks because the Soviet Union just launched a nuclear missile.  And guess what - it's heading straight toward central New Jersey.  Can you imagine the public reaction if this message was distributed at 1:24 AM, instead of during the pleasant afternoon hours?  If the majority of users had been awoken in the middle of the night, I think the public reaction would have made been vastly more severe.  In fact, the timing of the message seemed deliberate.  It was sent at 12:27pm during a period of relative calm, while many were on their lunch break (or if it was Snookie and the Jersey shore crew, they were probably just waking up after a night of binge drinking, arguing and brawling, eventually resulting in a deviant orgy).  My point though... the timing of this emergency text seems purposely attenuated to do "as little" damage as possible.  But someone must have had a purpose when they chose the specific 57 minute duration or the precise time until the emergency was to be lifted.

The content of the message was exactly the same, whether it was on your Android phone, I-Pad or whatever.

There have been plenty of articles written about it, but as I type this, the mainstream media appears content to just let the matter expire.  Since the issue of text induced panics and artificially generated stampedes has plagued my mind since mid-March of 2011, I simply cannot let this matter fall by the wayside.

Here's one of several articles written about the matter (they all say basically the same thing).

Verizon issued an apology and a retraction - stating there was no emergency and the original message should have included the phrase "test message."  Apparently, Verizon deemed this an "accident" (in an email from the company).  Sounds to me like a company spokesperson may have been coerced through government intimidation.  But this did nothing to allay fear as 911 calls poured in.  In a timely response (90 minutes later), the Federal Department of Homeland Security issued a statement stating there was "no emergency."  So glad the Janet-planet Napolitano-behemoth was there to offer a helping hand.  Way to go!  And so informative...  Reminds me of the post 9/11 run on duct tape.

There's a complete lack of accountability with regard to who was ultimately responsible for this.  And that's the only thing that DOES make sense with this fiasco.  Who on earth would personally step up and take the blame for this one?  Nobody, because this was likely NOT an accident.  Whoever sent this message out had a very specific agenda.  Maybe it was someone who had been consistently overruled or scoffed at, perhaps part of a larger bureaucratic turf war.  From where though?  You could probably take your pick.   Maybe a liaison between the New Jersey state and federal Department of Homeland Security?  Maybe a higher-up at Verizon that doesn't want to play ball with the federal government - someone worried about potential litigation and exposure.  How about someone at FEMA trying to exert their influence in opposition to the ill-advised time frame of the 2012 federal role-out of PLAN (Personal Localized Alert Network)?  Maybe an underling at the FCC who was recently demoted and has utter contempt for their boss?  Who really knows about the source of origin?  But we can establish one thing for certain.  Whoever did this, it's one of 2 things - they either share my specific, grave concerns OR were trying to exert leverage and influence in some way from within big business, but more likely the guvmint.   Odd I suppose, because the United States is the most attentive government on the planet.  It has always shown a penchant for deliberately weighing the concerns of its employees.  Every single one of them.  Particularly those who have a problem with the trajectory, methodology and intentions of big brother.

My fundamental argument - this text alert was NOT an accident.  It had a purpose, whether it be noble or nefarious (conceviably a combination of both).  There is a reason things like this happen.  They don't "just happen" like when a guy sleeps with his wife's mother on Maury Povich.  "Ohhh Murry, we were drinking ya know, and uhhh, well, it just happened Murry.  I'm sorry (in a diplomatic tone).  (followed by a sheepish) Will you forgive me?"
And I have a weird hunch that 1:24pm might signify something.  Maybe it's an important date (1-24-12 or January 24, 2012) with regard to the PLAN role-out.  Perhaps someone is implying, if don't get your shit together and warn people that these systems are not 100% secure by such and such a date...  but I'd rather not go down the  conspiracy/numerology route.  It's just a strange hunch.  Because someone must have had a legitimate reason for selecting "1:24" pm.  You don't just capriciously pick a specific time.  Ohhh, let's say 1:24... on a whim, I guess.  No fucking way.

And I couldn't help but notice that the message was sent immediately following the end of the "home game" portion of the college football season (it ended this weekend with the annual Army/Navy game at Fed Ex Field in Washington, DC).  The timing here seems a bit coincidental, too  As if to say... well, we got lucky this year, but eventually this streak of good fortune is going to end (regarding the potential for an artificially generated stampede).  After all, the upcoming bowl games would likely NOT be an issue - only home campus games with regard to the campus text alert system.  If this particular aspect doesn't make any sense, just scroll down and read the 9th chapter of my book...

That should clear up any confusion.  Well, I'm going back to bed.  Leaving for Arizona in a few hours.  I just had to get this shit off my chest.  Civil Emergency in this area until 1:24 PM EST Take Shelter Now U.S. Govern... I wonder what the next one will say.  All I know is that it will express some form of content.  But the question, what will be the intent.  And will it be yet another "accident?"

One more thought - why did this happen in New Jersey?  Perhaps because it's the most densely populated state in the country and it rivals New York City for major Homeland Security funding?  Or is that just another coincidence?  Why didn't that unintentional text alert go out to unexpected Verizon customers in the Bartlesville, Oklahoma area?  Just something else to think about.

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