Wednesday, November 20, 2013

playing the "knock out" game with 50,000+

The mainstream media has finally picked up on the "knock out" game.  Some pretty disgusting, warped shit.

That one hits pretty close to home (Pittsburgh).

While I cannot be of any assistance to the random victims of this bullshit, I am certain of one thing.  Someday, sometime, somewhere (likely in multiple locations), someone is going to play this "game" with large crowds. 

I won't go into the customary, lengthy explanation of artificially generated stampedes.  I will just make one point.  In its aftermath, when people initially try to hold the government accountable, they'll plead the fifth.  As the truth begins to filter out, they'll maintain that it was a unique, unexpected phenomenon.  They'll claim there was no way such a tragedy could have been reasonably predicted.  Finally, when politicians and government employees have their feet held to the fire, there will be some very high profile resignations (President, FCC, DHS, etc.).


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