Saturday, January 11, 2014

Central WV water contamination

This meme would be much better if Marco Rubio was currently in the spotlight.  His coinage has diminished with the Chris Christie bridge scandal and Rand Paul sniping.

Maybe it's a good thing for Rubio.  After all, it's a little too early in the 2016 presidential run.  I think you want to be on the sidelines for now.  Or at least until you get wind of an official Hillary announcement.  Then, you jump in.  You won't steal her thunder but it does offer the appearance (or illusion) that you're her primary opponent in the general.  At least that's how I'd play it.

I might do a meme about the Target credit card security breach.  But their logo makes it painfully obvious and shows a mesmerizing lack of creativity.

Alright, one additional meme with good 'ol boy, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin...

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