Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Polar Gore-Tex

The polar vortex is all the rage.  If you need proof, just check out social media.  Every uninspired, renegade journalist is posting dashboard pics of the weather.  OMG!  It's -8.  WTF!  That's a negative integer!

I'm a little late to the "party," but I just made this meme.  I think it has tremendous viral potential, but I can't think up anything to add as a qualifier.  Obviously, since it's Costanza, the idea would be something neurotic or obsessively compulsive.  I'm guessing that clip is from the third season or so (probably around 1994). 

The first time I uploaded it, I thought it was spelled gortex.  Odd that I didn't know how to spell Gore-Tex.  Usually, I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to that brand of worthless shit.

If you can think of a funny center tag line, feel free to run with it.  Maybe just "Calm Down" or "The weather outside is NOT frightful"


Alright, I just fixed it after viewing the original clip on youtube.  Elaine and Jerry are talking about the cold weather and she asks him, "What's you definition of "scary cold?"  Just as she says it, George opens the apartment door.  Jerry looks at him and says "THAT."


Anonymous said...

Do you remember the one time we played an ENTIRE game of SCRABBLE...
You started the game with the word gortex...and when the game was over...
I googled it and it wasn't a word...

sonofsaf said...

I forgot all about that "gortex" controversy. Good call. :)