Friday, January 17, 2014

Wheeling Nailers fans

It has come to my attention that the following meme might be too "confusing" or "cerebral."  I find this ironic.  As a Wheeling resident, and having attended a few Nailers games, I think it's blatantly obvious.  Sooooo, do you garner my inference?

Alright, I'll spell it out for you.  If you head to Wesbanco Arena for one of the minor league hockey games, it quickly becomes apparent that a significant percentage of the fans are "mentally challenged."  I guess here's where it could get a tiny bit confusing.

The question I should be asking --- is the general population aware of the fact that the employees of places like Russell Nesbitt, Northwood Health Systems, etc. are required to refer to their "patients" or "residents" as CLIENTS?  From what I understand, if you disobey this rule, you can actually be fired on the spot.  Even when you're not officially on the clock.  That's right.  Even if someone overhears you talking in a bar, it can be legitimate grounds for termination.

Sounds a bit harsh if you ask me.  I've always thought this kind of stuff had significant ramifications for freedom of speech.  But I guess the same rules could apply to corporate management referring to their employees as "worthless bags of shit."

Mr. Burns always did a fine job of disobeying this prime directive.

He had a penchant for assigning crass descriptions to his workers at the nuclear plant.  Lowly boobs, mindless drones, etc.  I looked for some youtube examples, but nothing was out there.

Gig and I were watching this comedian last night (Lewis C.K.).  Relatively funny stuff - he was exploring the issue of how people in vehicles have a higher degree of confidence in berating the traveling public.  "Fuck you, cocksucker!  I hope you die!"  Is that really necessary when someone high beams you or doesn't use a turn signal?  Amazing how much confidence people have when they're operating 2,000 lb. machinery.

I'm not trying to make the political statement of the century.  Just something that crept into my head.

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