Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 misc. items

I'm looking forward to the Jets-Colts game on Sunday. The Colts are predictably 7.5 favorites at home. No surprise there. But I like the Jets chances. Here's why. I think most people would agree that if Peyton Manning has a bad day, the Colts season is over. Basically, most observers would agree that the collective fate of Indy lies in the hands of their quarterback. Well historically, Manning has had difficulty dealing with the 3-4 defense. And Rex Ryan is a strong proponent of this scheme. He'll throw everything but the kitchen sink at Manning. And that Revis cornerback guy is SICK. I think he's the best defensive back in the NFL. I like his attitude as well. Extremely mellow and almost indifferent. No showboating whatsoever.
Rex Ryan is the exact opposite. That fat fuck's brazen enthusiasm and cockiness is infectious. I love the Jets in the underdog role. I hope they make a game of it. I'm expecting it to go down to the wire. Wouldn't it be cool if the team Indy laid down for, knocked them out of the AFC championship? Just like last week in San Diego, all the pressure is on Indy. And even it would throw a wrench in my terror prediction, I'm rooting for Jets.

And this brings me to another football related observation. They finally moved the NFL Pro Bowl out of Honolulu. Great idea. It was about time for a change of venue and it's probably the most anti-climactic way conceivable to end the NFL season. So they moved it to the site of the Superbowl (Miami) a week before the big game on Sunday, Jan. 31. Great idea, right? FUCK NO! Who the hell is running the NFL head office? I'm assuming it's still Paul Tagliabue. They scheduled the game for 7:20 this Sunday on ESPN. For the sake of Jehovah, the Pro Bowl will be running simultaneously with the NFC Championship game in New Orleans. What football fan would rather watch the Pro Bowl (which is extremely glamorous and pussified) instead of watching one of the 2 most dramatic games of the entire season? I'm not saying the Vikings-Saints game will be a barnburner, although most sensible people are expecting an exciting shoot-out. I'm just left in a complete state consternation and utter dismay. Put the game on Saturday night! Don't have it coincide with championship Sunday. If you're a REAL football fan, the NFC/AFC title games are far more exciting than the Superbowl. Unbelievable!

Stepping into a different arena, I'm a big fan of the Kroger brand FUN DAZE SUNDAES ice cream cones (preferably the Vanilla ice cream w/ caramel). The Kroger brand absolutely crushes the Nestle version. You'd think it would be the other way around, but it's not even close. And there's a considerable price discrepancy as well.

And onto my final thought. I was watching Larry King Live last night and they had on American woman (I'm pretty sure she was a missionary) who had been rescued from the rubble in Haiti. She had spent several days trapped praying for her survival. She was flanked by her two sons in a hospital bed and seemed to be doing quite well considering her life threatening ordeal. Larry asked her what it was that kept her going. Her response was, "My lord and savior Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus." You know what, I hear ya loud and clear. I don't really have a problem with thanking mythical beings, if that's your thing.
But they also had the split screen with three Americans. They were the Emergency Medical Technicians and part of a first responder unit that flew to Haiti. They provided details about how they heard knocking sounds, extricated her from piles of debris and then whisked her off for the appropriate medical care. These guys seemed very conscientious and uninterested in the spotlight - the ultimate humanitarians. Plus, heading down to Haiti right now is not the safest proposition, especially when nightfall approaches.
My dilemma was with the woman's constant, continual gratitude expressed toward Jesus. When Larry King asked her if she wanted to say anything to the EMT's, all she could muster was a brief "thank you, but it was the power of Jesus that kept her going until they got there to help me." You see, they were the ones who helped her out, but it was the power of Jesus that saved her life. I get it.
Now I realize that if you've encountered a near death experience, the majority of humans are going to get a little spiritual - even if an atheist like yours truly. Hey, it's whatever works when your life is hanging by a thread, right? This woman just sickened me with her lack of appreciation in the real rescue crew. I think it would have been amusing if one of the responders had been a Muslim and gotten into an argument on live tv. He could have said, "Well Larry, I don't think it was the power of Jesus. Trust me Mr. King, it was the power of Allah that saved her life." Even better, he could have gone on an atheist or agnostic rant. Though, that would take some massive effrontery of biblical proportions.
One day, it's my dream to see some quarterback that just won the Superbowl or some gutsy politician who won an upset election come on live tv and go out of his/her way to make it known that they're not in the habit of thanking imaginary ghosts. Maybe say something like, "I just don't want the viewing public to think I'm crazy or mentally ill. It's just that I don't believe in things like gods, ghosts or goblins." I guess we had Kathy Griffin (the comedian). When she won a Peoples Choice Award, she told Jesus to "suck it." Well, not the greatest moment but at least it's a start.


Anonymous said...

I was just informed that the Pro Bowl is during the week off. I forgot about the week off. I am a complete dumbshit.
In the spirit of self-inflicted retardation, I'll will not erase portions of the blog. I shouldn't be able to easily get away with such an obtuse blunder. SAF

Anonymous said...

You watch Larry King?

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Larry King, but I was trying to evaluate which network has the best coverage on the crisis in Haiti.
I usually flip through all of them when there's a major crisis. For example, when the Islamic cocksucker tried to blow up the Northwest flight, the news coverage was all over the place. Each network had a vastly different perspective. Makes it more interesting. SAF

Larry said...

Concerning the rescued woman, I always bring up an interview I saw on one of the early news shows a few years ago with a man in California who was runover by a car. The driver went out of his way to drive into the guy's yard and run him over. He survived and told the interviewer "God was looking out for me." Dude, YOU GOT RUNOVER BY A CAR! No one was looking out for you!

Anonymous said...

dumb shit