Tuesday, March 27, 2012

idea for an FFRF television spot

If you have any inclination to watch a powerful political ad, this one is more than a home run.  It represents an out-of-the-ballpark grand slam.  It's a 1 minute "War on Women" advertisement compliments of George Soros and the good folks at moveon.org.


Using the spoken word of Limbaugh and Santorum by modern, everyday women.  Talk about polarizing.  Conceptually, you rarely see anything this thoughtful and deliberately potent.

I think the general premise is ideal for the FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation). I just happen to be a lifetime member thanks to a generous contribution by my father.  Their marketing usually consists of newsletters, print advertisements and billboards.  But if they can ever afford to take it to the next level (television), they should definitely try something like this.

Just use enlightened priests, rabbis, ministers, etc. in proper sanctuary attire and have them calmly read the words of "respected" government figures who have made egregious statements that conflict with the separation of church and state.  I'm sure there are plenty.  All you need is 3 or 4.  Finish it off with an overall denouncing of organized religion and a plea for reason, sanity and civility.

I'd use the quotes of 2 woman (probably Palin or Bachmann on the political side and Ann Coulter for the pseudo-journalist angle).

For the 2 male quotes, you can take your pick (there was a recent high profile U.S. military commander who made incredibly disparaging remarks about Islam - I forget his name).  Maybe a high profile neo-con from the prior administration.  Hell, maybe even use a Senate Democrat or someone of a liberal persuasion that wears his religion on his sleeve.  That makes it even more powerful.  The most important part is to stick with the methodical format used in the moveon.org ad.  That's what makes it - no incendiary diatribe.  No blasphemous ranting.  Stick with the methodical, ironic approach.  It speaks to rational independent voters.

This would make a great ad for one of the Superpacs too.  For either the Republican or Democratic side.  Doesn't really matter which.  Just dress up 2 physicians (with stethoscope), a nurse (in scrubs) and throw in a pharmaceutical rep.  Have them recite views from the extreme right or left regarding the health care debate.  Both elements are way out of the mainstream, because the answer obviously lies somewhere in the middle.  

The moveon.org "War on Women" ad is simply just that good.  I expect you'll see some copycats during the 2012 political cycle.  Obama's team could devise a killer one focusing on Romney's wealth and out-of-touch with the blue collar worker attitude.  Just have regular, real people from crucial swing states (Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, etc.).  Throw in one of his many home states, too.  I'd use Michigan.  Make sure to put their names and city/state of origin.  Then, you just have them recite the imbecilic remarks he has made that have been replayed ad nauseum... "I like being able to fire people" or "I know how it feels to be unemployed" or "Corporations are people, my friend."  Granted, Romney was just trying to be comical.   But this would really go for the jugular - perfect from the Superpac angle.  This way you don't have to have Obama endorsing something so obviously disingenuous.  It wouldn't fit well with the tagline, "I'm Barack Obama and I approve of this message."

Mix up the ethnicity and states.  I'd use a 50 year old white male auto worker from Michigan.  School teacher, fireman or policeman from Wisconsin.  Female Hispanic pharmaceutical salesperson from Florida.  Maybe a park ranger from Colorado.  Do you get my drift??? 

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