Saturday, December 29, 2012

Occupying Steubenville from West Virginia: Roll Red Roll

I'm not going to rehash the entire Steubenville football team/high school alleged gang rape incident.  I don't think it takes a genius to surmise what happened.  Most of the relevant information can be seen here...

There's little on the internet that can send chills down my spine.  The above link would prove a definite exception.   

What a bizarre world we live in.  I'm just deeply appreciative to be "occupying" the planet during this coming of age (technology-wise) and observing the Anonymii application of justice.  I think what fascinates me is the concept of superempowerment by an individual who does not seek credit, fame or fortune.  Someone being called to action based solely on doing what is morally "right."  It just runs in complete juxtaposition to everything our hypercapitalistic society deems worth of merit. I find myself incredibly humbled to be witnessing this new brand of "technological vigilante justice and retribution."  

There's simply no way to adequately convey my appreciation for these masked masqueraders.  My only complaint - I wish they'd use a different mask.  There was this old school pro wrestler... Mil Mascaras.  I realize it's mostly silver, but his would be the gold standard.

His personality in the ring would blend well with the Anonymous collective.  He was a high-flying, acrobatic, scientific wrestler.  An all-around good guy or as they used to call them "baby-faces" (as opposed to bad guys, or "heels").  Perhaps even more so than early 80's WWF champ, Bob Backlund.  Now that's saying something.

I do have a strong hunch that there will inevitably be a tipping point.  A moment in time where one of these Anonymous characters goes too far.  Something goes horribly wrong and there's an incredible backlash against the group and/or one of its hacking affiliates (Nightsec, script kiddies, etc.).  As with any government or rebellion, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and vice versa.  And the concept of an internal war within an anonymous organization truly baffles the mind. 

I had planned to attend the protest today.  But the weather is just not cooperating.

Like I said, it's a bizarre world we live in...

* when I have this burning, unyielding desire to visit downtown Steubenville.
* when I find myself actually "praying" that I don't end up regretting my non-attendance.

Fortunately there's another protest scheduled for next Saturday, January 5.  

If a legitimate member of Anonymous ever comes across this blog, please know that you guys and gals are my heroes.  I'd love to join "the hive," but my computer skills are worthless.  Also, there's the comical notion of being denied admittance to a group that relies entirely on an open-sourced invitation policy.

And here's an idea for any of you creative writers/computer geeks.  Use that Big Red chewing gum commercial and do a Weird Al style sick-parody of the incident.  Further tarnish and destroy the "stellar reputation" of the Steubenville high school football program.  Can you even fathom singing it in the traditional, choppy Anonymous vocal styling? 

Very catchy tune.  The lyrics are easily adaptable.  If you want, just email me and we'll collaborate.  I'll probably write it while I watch the WVU game this afternoon.  How cool is it that we're playing in Yankee Stadium?

I'll post the lyrics tomorrow.   

So here's a link for the live stream.   Like they often say, "we'll be watching."

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