Tuesday, August 24, 2010

charges withdrawn

I was fascinated by the 2 simultaneous charges of rape against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. I knew the shit was bogus and trumped up from the beginning based on how it was "leaked" through a Swedish tabloid on a Sunday (to gain maximum media coverage into the cusp of the next news cycle). Not to mention they put it out there on the heels of the follow-up purging of classified Afghanistan war documents. Isn't it odd how these two women (ages 20 & 30) were both raped in the same time frame? And if there ever was a guy who tries to keep a low profile and maintain secrecy concerning his physical whereabouts... Now he's out on the town (in northern rural Sweden raping and pillaging). Yeah, right.

Anyway, of course the prosecutor withdrew the charges and a judge promptly threw out the case. But by then, the damage was done. I'm not sure if it was our CIA. It's probably a bit naive to think they weren't aware of it on some level. Assange is pissing off a lot of countries so it could have been a number of European countries and their affiliated spy organizations. My point - multiple charges like this just don't materialize and then suddenly vanish.

I read an intriguing excerpt about concocting smear campaigns like this...

This is a classic CIA ploy (money, drugs or sex) money won't work on Assange, drugs won't work (can't find him) , that leaves sex.
Child Porn is too dangerous a play (it requires access, taints the organization more than a few agents would be repelled and a failure of backfire would be very bad ) so that leaves kink or false rape.
Kink does hold much stigma and is too hard to set up (he is not a politician) so a rape charge is is the best call. With it you can plant a bit of doubt, mess with his sex and personal life and if it backfires or fails like this did oh well. You still rattled his monkey tree.
Plus the resources are cheap and easy. One honey pot lure who need not even have ever met him.
Another advantage false rape claims are a rarely investigated, rarely prosecuted and even more rarely punished so even, worse case scenario, the asset was burned the consequences are very low.
Now I'd call this a push with a slight victory for Assange as it makes the US look like bad guys but it was well done in an old school meets modern media way.
How wikileaks will respond will be the interesting part I think.

Strong insight, would you not agree? I've never really explored the consequences of false pedophile claims. But this post offers great insight with regard to the "when the claims are proven false, it leaves an ugly trail" theory. And the fact that false rape charges are rarely investigated - another fine point. It just got me thinking about what constitutes an ultimate, foolproof smear campaign.

What Assange is doing with Wikileaks is truly epic. He's ushering in the new era of decentralization that I often yap about. An era where individuals and small groups can inflict massive damage and create horrific systemic disruptions. Assuming his mission is truthful, he'll ALWAYS be the winner. Unless he ends up dead or soon disappears. But he's pretty high profile to just suddenly vanish without a trace. Or is he? Godspeed Julian.

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